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  • "Bella Rose" started this thread

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Saturday, September 22nd 2018, 3:18pm

IVF/ natural cycle


its my first time posting on here or anywhere for that matter!

I'm feeling really alone at the moment and just really need someone to hear my thoughts so here goes.

I have had endometriosis since I was 15. I am 35 now and have been trying for a baby for about three years.

Last year August 2017 I went to see a fertility specialist and underwent all the usual tests. I was told I have a low overian reserve of 3.5 and I have a fsh currently of 14. The ohs were unable to offer me ivy and so we have had to go private.

Last year November 2017 I went to ARGC clinic. My fsh was 15 but I managed to get it down to 11.5 and i was able to go ahead and have ivy with the flare protocol which i was super happy about.

I only manger to produce two eggs and had them both transferred. I was told we were unsuccessful but then a week later my pregnancy test came back positive! I was having pains that week and I went to hospital where ! was told i was having an eptopic pregnancy. I had a two hour emergency surgery to stop the internal bleeding. I did not have ti have my tubes removed as the fetus was out side of the womb not in the tubes.

I decided I would not let that stop me from trying again and in early 2018 I went back to arg to start the process again. We have had to sell stuff and have put everything on credit cards but I guess thats what people do if they have no other choice.....!!! The financial stresses do not help at all and i am truly saddened that the nhs has not been able to offer me ivf due to funding issues :-(

I have spent all summer trying to get my immunes down from 58 with medication from the clilic and Intralipids. I have managed to get them down to 37 and they are hoping they will continue to fall.

I have been also battling with ovarian cysts all summer and have not been able to go ahead with my second cycle until they have gone. They finally went last month however my fsh went up to 17.8!!!

I have worked really hard this month to lowering my fsh with diet, yoga, acupuncture twice a week, Chinese herbal medicine and other herbal medicine from the heath shop to help filter my liver and strengthen my kidneys. The yoga i have been doing is to help warm my cold uterus and help the blood flow in the lower body and reproductive organs.

I have been back to the clinic this month and my fsh has gone down to 14! still not low enough for have the false protocol but all my other hormone results were normal. The clinic I have decided i should try the natural cycle as my fsh is still higher than they would like. I have also had a scan and they have seen two good size follicles and two smaller ones. I am going back to the clinic on Monday for anther scan and blood test on Monday to see if i will the starting the natural cycle this month or if i should wait till nest month for hopefully a better fsh result.

I do know that the changes i have made are making a difference and i feel that my fsh will continue to lower as i should see better results after three months and its only been one month.

So thats the short version of my journey so far...............

I am trying really really hard to stay positive as i strongly believe the Mind is a super power thing and it can make all the difference to the outcome by staying positive :)

That being said i am feeling anxious today and trying to pull myself out of feeling sorry for myself..... If only i could have a large glass of red wine, a bottle would be perfect right now!!!!

Thanks for listening.

Love Bella x




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Saturday, September 22nd 2018, 3:31pm

Welcome to :FZ:

It’s good to went and make your anxiety go away by doing something relaxing! All the best!


  • "Bella Rose" started this thread

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Saturday, September 22nd 2018, 3:35pm

Thanks Maria x



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Saturday, September 22nd 2018, 11:36pm

Hi and welcome to FZ. I saw you posted on another thread, I’m afraid I don’t know anything about natural cycles but wish you so much luck for your upcoming cycle xx

1st ICSI - Oct 08 - :BFP:!!! DD born July 2009 : D
1st FET - May 11 - BFN
2nd FET - Sept 11 - BFN
3rd FET - Jan 12 - :BFP: DD2 born October 2012 : D
2nd ICSI - May 18 - BFN
4th FET - Sept 18 - BFP but Ectopic MTX 7+4
FET - Mar 19 - abandoned after final scan due to fibroid
5th FET - June 19 BFN


  • "Bella Rose" started this thread

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Sunday, September 23rd 2018, 3:55pm

Thanks Dusky x

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