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Friday, November 15th 2013, 1:06am

Some advice please!!

Advice needed ladies please!!

Some of you will know my history but in short I have PCO and was told both of my tubes are blocked so required IVF. We were incredibly lucky that we conceived our twins on our first round and have 6 frosticles : D We never used protection after I learned about my tubes as didn't see the point. So 7 years after we first started TTC and as we were literally just about to start a medicated FET cycle using our frosticles we had a surprise BFP.

Roll on the clock and our beautiful baby girls is five months.

My DH and I have always said we would go for one FET cycle to try for a fourth baby. I know crazy but feels right for us.

Anyways because we'd like another when LO is a year as for medical reasons I should wait that long before a tx. I can't bring myself to go on the pill in case we get another miracle.

Thing is I'm driving myself crazy again. My cycle is up the left and usually late but last couple of months I've managed to convince I'm pregnant again. I've had bad nausea in the run up to my AF so it makes me think I am. I've even gone as far as POAS and of course it's been negative. It's like the start of TTC process again when it consumes your every waking thought. I just can't stop it and driving me mad !!!

When I believed it wasn't possible I didn't enter my mind other than when actively in tx. It has been nice to not think about tx or tbh have it enter my thoughts other than planning when to start tx.

I just wondered if any others who have maybe had a natural or surprise pregnancy deal with the months after and how to cope with the monthly thinking will it be or not?? I can't believe I'm even thinking of going on the pill until we try again next year so it's out of my mind but it just feels wrong to go on any form of contraception. Just don't know what to do !!

Any advice on what to do would be appreciated : D

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Friday, November 15th 2013, 1:55pm

No real advice cause there be no miracle for us but you know what I still get the feelings every month. Its the craziest thing in the world cause there is absolutely no chance what so ever but I still wonder every month. I would go with the thoughts that if it happens it happens and if not there is still the frosties. No amount of worry is ever go change the outcome.

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Friday, November 15th 2013, 2:23pm

I haven't had a surprise either, and huge chance of it happening are 0, unless DH suddenly gets some magic sperm...but every month I also think 'what if', 'you never know' etc etc. I wouldn't go in the pill if I was you. As much as it is stressful and disappointing each month you just never know and you have your lovely frosties waiting for you when the time is right xxx

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Friday, November 15th 2013, 7:10pm

Do you know just when I was reading your profile I was wondering if you were still going to try for more! It really sounds like you guys are so ready for more! So pleased for you! I wish I was a bit more chilled out - I think its that, that makes me feel that I couldn't cope with any more!

I haven't had a surprise but I have been thinking about it a lot as I got pregnant so much easier the second time. First time after pregnancy FET. The biggest issue I would say here is how would you feel about not giving your embryos a chance? If you got pregnant and that wouldn't bother you, then bugger the contraception! But if you really feel you want to give your frosties a go then I'd think of contraception of some sort. I say this because, although I feel done I'm not sure I could leave our frosties to be destroyed! Looks like I may not be finished after all! We have until Dec 2015 to decide!

Hope you are all well lovely lady xxxx



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Friday, November 15th 2013, 8:58pm

Hi heather

The way I would look at it is if your both happy to have another one and if another little miracle happened next month and u would happy and in the right place etc then I wouldn't use contraception, if another miracle happened next month for talking sake and you felt it was too close to last pregnancy or you weren't quite ready etc id say go on contraception

I personally believe things happen for a reason so if it's ment to be it will, even although like a few girls on this thread my chances of a miracle are 0 I have never given up hope after reading so many wonderful stories on here, I don't quite get my hopes up but my monthly cycles are like clock work and I was two days late this month (tmi) sorry and I could feel a little hope rising inside me so it's totally understandable to feel that way, you sound totally ready for another one, I take my hat off to you I'm exhausted with one lol

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Saturday, November 16th 2013, 9:36pm

I think that feeling is hard to cope with - the ow I could be, maybe I am etc and I'm sure it's even harder when it has happened as a surprise. I wouldn't bother with contraception but I do understand the consuming thoughts. I'm not sure what the answer only to say that if a miracle does happen before that then I know you want a big family so you could use your frosties then. Maybe you will have another miracle and if poas helps to know what's happening then it's no bother is it. Maybe it's just on your mind because you want it so much and want to get back on to it again. It is a consuming place to be. I hope it passes for you or you do, indeed, get another little miracle. However, you have said for medical reasons so maybe using other forms of contraception would eliminate the feelings for now? Sorry I've waffled on! Xx
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Children: 2 miracle IVF twin girls and 3 miracle surprises!!

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Life's hectic but good !!!

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Sunday, November 17th 2013, 11:29am

Thanks ladies for your thoughts. It does feel wrong to go on the pill as we may be, in fact strike that out, we are mad for wanting more but it just feels right. I do totally get that we might not be lucky with our frosties.

AG you asked me what would we do with our embies if we fell pregnant is donate them. I couldn't see them destroyed and if it gave another couple their chance of a family then that would be fab : D I love that you say you're not done either :snigger:

I really don't know what to do !! My AF still isn't here but I'm glad I did the poas as I'd be convinced by this stage I was preggers. I was definitely one of those ladies who believed it was impossible for me to fall pregnant naturally as neither ovulate and blocked tubes but hey it just shows sometimes !!