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Thursday, November 7th 2013, 9:23pm

Suggestions for improving low sperm count

Hi all,
Me and DH have recently gone through our 2nd round of ICSI to try for a sibling for our little boy (born 2011 from 1st ICSI) but unfortunately resulted in a :BFN: DH was diagnosed with varicocele back in 2010 which kicked off everything with our fertility issues hence needing ICSI as very low sperm count as well as problems with the form of the sperm etc.

I know this is a problem that obviously affects others and I was wondering whether there is anything that you lovely people would recommend for DH to take to possibly help in any way. He was advised by our consultant to take Vit E, Vit C and Folic Acid.

Prior to our 2nd round of ICSI, they did a new test on me which found that the quality of my eggs wasnt very high so ive been prescribed DHEA 3xdaily, Vit E, Vit C, Folic Acid and Aspirin.

Is anyone else going through similar things to this and if so, do you have any recommendations for me and DH at all?

We are planning on trying ourselves for a year possibly before looking at another round on treatment, we know our chances are pretty slim to none but i would rather have a relaxing year of just having fun together and try whenever we feel like it than worry about saving for another round of treatment right now.

Any recommendations or advice you could give would be much appreciated xx blowkiss

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Friday, November 8th 2013, 7:14pm

Cut out drink wellman conception and acupunture improved my hubby's xx



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Friday, November 8th 2013, 9:56pm

Hi Shelley Hun

There's a great thread on here that the sperm scientist visits from time to time and answers questions. Have you seen it before? There's lots of brilliant advice and answers in there.Sperm scientist thread

For us, we had poor motility and I've done a lot of reading during and after our 1st cycle in May.

Like baby dust, we both cut down (nearly stopped) the booze. We also switched to Zita West vitamins as I'd read some good success stories about them on forums. DH took vitamen, vitamen boost, and vital DHA. I took vitafem, vitafem boost and vital DHA.

I had my hair analysed by foresight who are a not for profit fertility charity. They found I was deficient in a lot of vitamins and minerals so I would supplement my multi-vitamins with extra magnesium, calcium and zinc based on the test results I got back from them.
I also used to give DH the odd zinc tablet every now and again as I think zinc is especially important for their swimmers.
We never got round to cutting DHs hair though and sending it to be analysed, which was a shame as I was curious to know who was the unhealthiest out of us considering I have the much better diet in my opinion!!

The other thing that DH started doing was splashing his testicles with cold water after he had a shower so to not have the temperature too high. The other rules like that like no tight pants, no laptops directly on the lap etc are probably also worth sticking too.

And we read that the sperm and eggs are growing for about 100 days before maturation. So we really did have 3 months of best behaviour before tx started with the odd occasional treat. I aimed for the 80:20 rule with regards to diet but focused on a protein rich diet, and low carb.

So it's hard to know what made the difference for us, we definitely had more and better quality embryos 2nd time around. Could have been due to the change in treatment protocol, but DHs recent sample had much, much better motility (it had gone from sub-optimal to above average!) so I do think our lifestyle changes and supplementation must have helped.

All the best Shelley, and you never know, there are lots of stories with couples on here with natural BFPs that have quality issues, so it really could happen for you guys again. Your eggs and sperm have managed it in the past so its perfectly possible!! Have fun trying :)

:goodluck: :xxx3:

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Tuesday, November 12th 2013, 12:36pm

male fertility supplements comparison

Neve777, your BFP is fantastic news!!!! Congratulations, you have done everything right. But your poor DH.. cold water on his testies must have hurt?! 8| Trying to keep the temperature normal is normally enough, because they are outside his body for that reason... so no laptop was definitely right! I hope it all goes well for your and your DH! Please keep us updated.

Shelley10, my DH and I also both took supplements.. but it was soo confusing with so many on the internet. I ended up googeling and found this male fertility supplement comparison, which was really helpful:
What Neve777 says is right, many couples conceive even with low fertility. But all the diet and lifestyle changes she made + the supplements was great discipline, which was rewarded.

Do not give up!
Mum of 1. Took 6 years to conceive. Vietnamese and live in London.

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