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Tuesday, May 21st 2013, 8:10pm

Emotions all over the place

hi all just looking for some general advice and support,,,,, my first ivf cycle failed and i was devastated and when i was coming off the medication i found myself becoming very angry infact i was that angry it actually scared me to bits the rage i was feeling inside.

one night i just lost the plot and i had a major meltdown my dh sat crying on the floor not knowing what to do.... anyway im now to start my second round this thurs and the past week or so im all over the place,,,, i was told yesterday by my dh that his brothers fiancee is pregnant again and my reaction was getting up and runnin upstairs in floods of tears , just brings the fact back that il never ever be able to have that without having to go through treatment after treatment. my hubby says i cant kep acting like this when someone falls pregnant, but i just find it relly hard to cope.

Im scared incase this does not work im scared it will ruin my marriage cos i know deep dwn if it does and if this fails again i dont think i could continue on..... no-one really understands apart from the women who have this issue,,,, why is life so unfair i just dont get it or understand it... all my sisters have kids no problems and my niece is due in october,,, am i being silly ?




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Tuesday, May 21st 2013, 8:56pm

Hello and welcome.
No, you are not being silly, it's perfectly normal. You will get used to other people's pregnancies in time and xfingers your tx will work too! Be positive.



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soooooo happy!!!!!!

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Wednesday, May 22nd 2013, 7:29am

You are not being silly at all and I would say probably all us on here have had those feelings of jealousy.

Keep speaking to your DH and of course the lovely ladies on here.xx

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Wednesday, May 22nd 2013, 10:46am

Most clinics who provide ivf treatment also provide counselling. Maybe that is something you could consider for your next cycle.

I know trying to be positive is so hard but there are some really good relaxation/positive thinking cd's out there. I was a massive sceptic about these types of things but now feel anything is worth a go if it can help you keep calm and as positive as possible.

Wishing you lots of luck. :goodluck:




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Thursday, May 23rd 2013, 10:13am

Oh honey, no of course you're not being silly - it's a massive thing to deal with and the girls are right, we have all been there. My sister had 7 yes SEVEN children as easily as sneezing and couldn't understand why I couldn't just relax and let it happen. :hairout You do find coping mechanisms from somewhere (and coming onto FZ for a rant every now and again is a really good one! :happy: ) I hear what you're saying about the pressure on your relationship. Keep talking about your feelings, don't shut one another out and I think also that men often have a different way of coping. It doesn't mean they're not struggling, but I don't think they know how to express it. Lastly, you are stronger than you think and you will get through this.

Take care of yourself blowkiss

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Thursday, May 23rd 2013, 10:27am

Hi Nelly,

Welcome to FZ!

I can very much relate to the feelings you are describing. We have had 5 cycles and each time it has failed, I totally lose it - I'm inconsolable with grief and I push DH away / take it out on him in the process. I would never have thought I'd have the strength to go through this so many times, but it's surprising how strong us girls are!!

Also, FZ is a great place to come and rant when you need to - there are so many people who understand what you are going through on here and so it's much easier to say exactly how you feel and really feel like you are being listened to and understood.

Good luck with your cycle.

Connie xx

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Friday, May 24th 2013, 9:22pm

Seriously you are looking (well i know you can't actually see me) at someome who has almost had a nervous breakdown after my last cycle cycle I've since quit my job and started some counselling to sort my head out before we go again......its seriously hard going through this and it changes everything, how you cope, your relationships to name but a few. The anger is normal but i second what one of the girls said about counselling how can you expect your body to get pregnant when youe mind is in such turmoil?

I hate to say this but maybe it's worth waiting a bit before starting your next cycle make sure you are 100% ready? Mind and body do work closely together.......

I hope you're feeling better xxx

  • "NELLY1103" started this thread

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Tuesday, May 28th 2013, 7:44am

thank you all for your help and support fingers crossed this time the short protocol will work for us :thumbsup:

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