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Tuesday, May 31st 2011, 10:13pm

Am I crazy for suspecting endo?

Ok here goes, be prepared for a story book!

I am now almost 29yo, I have been TTC for 3 years have had 5 MC's 3 of which I had to have surgical evacuation for other 2 were very early losses. I have now found out I have a balanced translocation and am now awaiting IVF PGD treatment at some point in the next 2 years.

However, since my last loss in December 2010 I feel my body has changed a lot. AF used to turn up right on CD34 but now theres spotting for days beforehand and never arrives bang on time, the blood is just not the same its like cervical mucous blood if that makes sense, like congealed? and after spotting goes straight to extremely heavy literally coming out me like I'm peeing with lots of big dark clots and the pain is terrible for days up to and including AF. I even had to take a day off work last month as it was so bad and in all my years of being a woman I have never had to take a sick day due to AF. I am sooo tired and exhausted all the time, worse than usual on normal days and really bad during AF. Also AF stops for a day midway then re-starts again!

I am also having slight bleeding after BD'ing.

I read a while ago about surgical evacuations can cause scar tissue in you and wondered if it could be that/endo kinda related? Im not sure what to say to doctor as I seem to have been there non stop for 3 years for TTC issues. Anything else I should be looking out for, does it sound like Im over-reacting?

Also I may be mad but normally I can fall pg no problem but since these changes in my body I have not had one BFP :-(

Many thanks in anticipation of your helo even if it is to tell me to stop over-reacting!





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Wednesday, June 1st 2011, 7:56am

You are not crazy.
Go and see you GP who will refer you to a specialist. Bear in mind that endo can only be accurately diagnosed with a laparoscopy. Also spotting can be caused by hormones so maybe you want to check those too. To be honest I have endo and didn't used to have spotting before a/f. Now I do cos I'm older.
Good luck xfingers

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Wednesday, June 1st 2011, 11:09am

Sorry,I cant add anything useful, but I spot for about three days before AF then it comes very very heavily but only for 2- 3 days and I am never regular. However there are a few other things that seem a bit odd and I definately think it would be reasonable to visit the doctor about this. The way you wrote it out in this post would be ideal,perhaps you could say you would like them to read your syptoms and hand it to them so that way you wouldnt miss anything or be interupted.

Good luck, keep us updated. X
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Wednesday, June 1st 2011, 12:50pm

re the scar tissue, i have something called ashermans syndrome where scar tissue builds up in the case of too many d and c's, terminations, miscarriages, and in my case, a botched c section! there is corrective surgery available via a hysteroscopy to remove scarring etc, and then with hrt to correct the lining for about 6 months afterwards. i have been told this is most likely why i have failed to conceive since my darling little man 4 years ago....

the wait for this procedure (depending on where you live i suppose) is a coupe of months and its just day surgery... mine is tomorrow!

It is well worth a visit to the gp to rule things out....

Good luck hun.


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Friday, June 3rd 2011, 2:50pm

Hi guys thanks for the replies. I do think a visit to GP is in order, as even more strangely AF was only here heavily for one day and spotting sor one day! I am normally a good 4 days of AF. Not that Im complaining but it just doesnt sit right with me to be honest. Thanks Stucks I wonder if it could be related to that then? :) xx

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