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  • "lollygirl" started this thread

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Sunday, March 13th 2011, 8:50am

Hello - trying again here too

Hi Ladies

I have been posting on IUI thread for a little while but wanted to say hi here and ask for some thoughts from you please

We have a DS aged 3.5 and have been ttc again for 2.5 years. We have some sperm issues but did manage to conceive DS naturally (took 14 months).
Everything appears to be ok with me although on a natural cycle i spot during 2ww, doctors don't seem too bothered about this as my CD21 progesterone level is OK. We tried clomid for 6 months and have done one IUI so far, hoping to try again soon.

I probably shouldn't look this far ahead but i'm already thinking about IVF and well i really don't want to do it!! I think we will as the desire to give DS a brother or sister and 'complete' our family is stronger than my worries - we have kept what's going on pretty much to ourselves so far but i don't think i can do IVF without telling family, i worry about egg collection and having a general anaesthetic and, mainly, i worry about making too many embryos.

I hope this isn't insensitive or make me sound selfish but we'd really like just one or two more children and i worry that we'll make loads of good ones (i know, this is what most people dream of!). On the other hand we can probably only afford one go at IVF so we need to give it our best shot :S
I'm sure if we were ttc #1 we'd be prepared to go for it now and the thought that we could potentially make some frozen embryos would be a bonus, kwim? DP is happy to carry on naturally and 'if it happens it happens' but that seems unlikely after all this time - although far from impossible i know. I need to look back in years to come and know that we gave it our best shot and one attempt and IUI doesn't quite cut it!

Any thoughts on my dilemmas much appreciated :) and babydust to us all
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Sunday, March 13th 2011, 3:20pm

Hello and welcome to the TA section!

My situation was fairly similar to yours - we had a DD, naturally conceived, and couldn't seem to do it again, and ended up having IVF. We were very lucky and it worked first time. So we now have 2 lovely children and our family is complete.

I felt the same as you - I really wanted to give my DD a sibling - doesn't stop you worrying about the process though!

So, hopefully you will be successful trying naturally or IUI will work. However, if you end up going down the IVF route I can at least tell you that it probably won't be as bad as you're imagining. Its a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, and very few people enjoy injecting themselves etc but the potential prize at the end out weighs any inconveniences.

Some clinics offer GA for egg collection, mine did. But a lot do it under sedation so you may not need to have a GA. Re. eggs collected and embryos - your clinic will monitor you throughout your cycle and will have an idea if you're producing too many follicles or 'over stimulating'. You would be able to freeze any embryos you don't use and maybe use them later in a frozen cycle if the first IVF wasn't successful or you wanted to increase your family further at a later stage. Alternatively you could donate your embryos to a infertile couple or for research purposes - lots to think about and I'm sure your clinic will be able offer you counselling to discuss all this.

Hope that helps a bit, and no doubt others with more experience of IVF than me, will be along shortly!


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  • "lollygirl" started this thread

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Tuesday, March 15th 2011, 5:30pm

Thanks Pootle

As much as i think it would be a wonderful thing to be able to give to someone, at the moment i just don't feel uncomfortable about donation or donating for research.
If we get as far as IVF i think we'll need to have a chat with the clinic about trying to make the 'right' number of embryos (4-5?) or maybe i'm just being crazy, i mean we haven't even got that far yet??!!
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Tuesday, March 15th 2011, 7:58pm

Hi lollygirl. Blimey, all these moral dilemmas in ttc! the mental aerobics are so hard. Have you read the thread just below yours about how long to ttc naturally before a second try - some of the issues discussed in there may be off help (though not completely).
Have you had a recent day 3 blood count for FSH LH levels to help you make a decision around waiting to see and egg reserve? Has DP had a sperm count recently?
My first EC was done under 'sedation' and not GA but I don't remember anything about it.
Its really difficult to say what number of embryos you'll get. Its sort of an unknown especially on first cycle. I got 19 eggs at EC, but only 9 were mature, out of them on 3 good enough with 2 put back in and 1 frozen. And that from a position of having no known egg reserve issues/hormone issues.
Then if the fresh cycle does work its always good to have a few frosties....

Also - you may not find IVF so much of an emotional rollercoaster. I have found, second time round, that having DS in my life is a huge bolster. This time round I have also found that not telling anyone at all has made it easier to control that rollercoaster as well. If we make it to the 2ww that may be a different story!

Good luck with whatever way you decided to go