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Thursday, December 23rd 2010, 1:34pm

Will Dr Gorgy still see me if I go direct to RFU

Hello all, I would really appreciate your help and advised. I want to get tested for the NK Assay. I will be on my 6th IVF cycle. All my cycles have been a BFN apart from my first IVF cycle which was a chemical pregnancy and my 3rd Cycle was a BFP but ended in a still birth. Every thing was going perfect with the pregnancy until I came of clexane and predisolone at 13 weeks by the time I had my 20 week scan that is when the problems were picked up. The hospital seems to think it was just bad luck but I don’t believe so. I said that I want to stay on clexane through out my next pregnancy but they said that they don’t see no reason for me to do so as I have not been tested for any problems hence why I want to get tested for NK assay before I get pregnant again.

I would like to have the full Chicago test but due to finances I’m unable to at the moment.

I have contacted RFU in Chicago and they have quoted £368 pounds for the NK assay only and Dr Gorgy have quoted £465 plus £150 consultation.

Anyway, what I wanted to know if I went to RFU direct would Dr gorgy still see and prescribe me a prescription if necessary based on my test results I get direct from RFU or would I have to retest for a NK assay with him.

If I decided just to go with Dr Gorgy instead would I have to pay another consultation fee for him just to interpret the results for me?

For the people who sent of their bloods direct to RFU how did u find it, was it hard, difficult etc or was it easy.

Sorry one more questions will RFU test to see how well my NK cell react to intralipids as well

Thanks so much in advance.

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Thursday, December 23rd 2010, 2:51pm

Hi Sam,

I can't comment specifically on Dr Gorgy as I have never seen him. However I would say that it would be impossible, and also v unprofessional of any doctor to prescribe based solely on your blood results. The blood results are meaningless out of context. You will get people who will say things like, oh you need this or that for raised NK cells etc etc but the reality is that any drug regime is based on your history, clinical findings and blood results, all put together. So Dr Gorgy would have to see you to be able to prescribe, as would any doctor.

You could have the tests done indepently but without a knowledgeable doctor to interpret them you won't know what to do, and you will need a doctor to prescribe any meds anyway.

Whether you'd have to pay Dr Gorgy a second consult fee I don't know. Most clinics charge a fee for bloods which includes not only the lab fee they will pay to RFU (or wherever) but also their sampling costs, processing costs and the time and expertise to interpret them, hence why his fee is greater than RFUs.

Amazing Grace has seen him, as has Jenine so they may be able to tell you whether he would charge another consult fee.

The only other issue is that the NK assay is only part of the picture. My NK cells are always normal but I have other immune issues so it is worth trying to get the whole Chicago screen if poss. I appreciate money may not permit that, it's a nightmare as the tests are only the beginning, the drugs can be costly too.




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Friday, December 24th 2010, 6:03pm

Hi Sam and welcome to :FZ:

I don't know too much about Dr Gorgy but I too would imagine he would prefer to see you, test you and then decide on treatment. And for the sake of a few hundred pound I think it would be better to go for the "one stop shop" approach, I would definitely agree that immune issues are varied and complicated and costly. So I hope that you can progress with them.

Good Luck.


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Sunday, December 26th 2010, 8:34am

Hi Sam,

I went to Dr. Gorgy for a consult recently and he will not repeat tests that you have already done but I am sure he will charge you a consult fee. He will not only interpret your results but he will want to get to know your case and ask you lots of questions to help you. I understand the Chicago tests are very costly but like the Ruthie and CB said there are other tests that may show other important results other than NK cells. I had raised cytokines, NK cells and LAD negative and a blood clotting issue which led to my two failed IVF cycles.

You can always call and ask to speak to him or his secretary Akville. She is very helpful. Before i went to see him, i spoke to him on the phone and asked him so many questions. If you want to talk to him. Call really early around 8 am. That is when they open and he usually answers the phone. After that he gets really busy.

I hope this helps Sam. Good luck with your Journey...


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