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  • "Beave" started this thread

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Thursday, July 27th 2006, 4:21am

Low Sperm Count - Possibilities?

3 months ago I began TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) for low testosterone levels. After 3 months I inquired about my fertility and the doctor said just to be on the safe side he would check my sperm count. When he did he asked me to refrain form ejaculating for 3 days. At the office he said he found NO sperm.

He said it was unlikely that it was due to the TRT. TRT may lower it over time but never eliminate it completely in only 3 months. He thought that I may have had prior problems.

I did some research online and found that there could be a number of issues, but one caught my attention and I hoped to get information from people on this board.

My wife and I have a very good sex life. We have sex almost every day and sometimes twice a day. On days we don't have sex I may take care of things on my own, so I actually ejaculate about once or twice a day and have been for almost 3 years. I know this may seem like a lot, but I wondered if this would play any role in low sperm count and if so how long would I have to stop before I would see any sperm come back?

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Monday, July 31st 2006, 10:09am

no sperm is called azoospermia- the next step would be a testicular biopsy to see if the testes are actually producing sperm which could be used in icsi- if they do find sperm they can freeze it so you wouldn't have to have the procedure done again. it tough sorry. I'm surprised this wasn't explained to you!

there is not really a possibility that a zero sperm cound would be caused by frequent ejaculation. it could cause a low result in the test, which is why you were asked to refrain for three days, but it would not cause a zero count.
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Wednesday, August 2nd 2006, 9:25am

Hi There
Welcome to the site. Vegimite is right, ive watched lots of tv programmes over the years, but one in particular caught my eye when the same as you, a bloke had no actual sperm, however they did find sperm when they did a biopsy and they went on to have icsi and they got there baby from doing that procedure.

Although i know its going to be hard to accept what you have been told, all is not hopeless, you could still have your baby and i really hope you do.

its the same as a women being told there egg supply is nil or not very good and have to have donor eggs in the end. But even as for us women with little eggs or men with little sperm, it only takes one egg and one sperm to make our babies..........

I wish you and your wife well on your journey to having your baby, good luck, it would be lovely to share your journey and know the outcome if you would like to keep us updated. :]

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I Love You Sam xxx



  • "Beave" started this thread

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Thursday, August 3rd 2006, 2:23pm

So is a no sperm count mean that I have never had any sperm?

On another note, is it possible that sleep medication I'm taking could have any effect on sperm at all?

I'm actually not that worried. I mean I would love to have a baby, but if it comes down to it and all else fails, I'm OK with adoption. I say this now, not knowing what the future holds.

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Thursday, August 3rd 2006, 10:46pm


Welcome and well done for sharing your pains...I too have a zero sperm count...I always thought producing that volume was normal, but seemingly not!

There were no sperm in my ejaculate whatsoever, I was devastated, like you, I wasnt concerned really for not bearing my own child as there are many more out there that need a father..but my pain was because my wife was desperate to have children and nothing was wrong with her.

I have bilateral absence of vas deferens, total lack of tubes! So, I have sperm being made in my nuts, they just have no way of getting out.

So, technically my sperm count is zero. In reality, I underwent a testicular biopsy and they found a shed load of sperm, all in good enough nick for ICSI (where they inject the sperm straight into the egg) and they froze the unused lot in case it didnt work.

So, dont despair, you may well have sperm. I would ask your GP to refer you to a urologist to look into it. He/She will probably do a physical exam (quite embarrassing) to check all is ok with your vas deferens (tubes) and then if necessary send you off for an ultrasound if they cant feel tubes.

But there could be many other things, first thing to do is have a second test.

During your first test did you definitely "hit the target"? As some say that sperm is only present in the first bit of ejaculate, so if that hit the floor, then only liquid would make it to the pot.

So, have another test...first off. Then get the doc to refer you to a urologist for further tests..

I wouldnt bother with searching the web until you have a diagnosis as its a feckin' minefield out there full of scary stories...

If you want to chat, drop me a mail..

Good luck,

Male Factor - Bilateral Absence of Vas Deferens

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