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Wednesday, July 7th 2010, 4:57pm

PCO but no other symptoms...?

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone will be able to help/have been in a similar position...

A bit of background...I came off the pill about a year and a half ago because I started to get migraines (after having been on the pill for 9 years with no problems). Since then my periods were regular straight away - between 26 and 29 day cycle.

About 6 months ago my cycle started getting shorter and is now 23 days (one month it was only 21 days!). At first I wasn't too worried, and I've been under quite a lot of stress at work so I thought that could be the cause. But I went to the GP just to be on the safe side.

GP sent me for blood tests, including testosterone (but not LH and FSH) which came back normal. Then he sent me for transvaginal scan which showed 'polycystic appearing ovaries'. I went back to the GP and he said to make an appt with the gynae clinic, which I've now done.

I don't have any other symptoms of PCOS, but my shortened cycle does worry me...could I be having anovulatory cycles ?(

Any thoughts on my ramblings would be greatly appreciated.

Laura x



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Thursday, July 8th 2010, 9:29am


It is possible to have PCO without symptoms. I'm one of them!! I'm not really overweight, not hairy, nothing other than one of my ovaries is polycystic. Your GP really needs to get your FSH and LH checked as if you do have PCO your LH will be high in comparison to your FSH. So for example my FSH was 6.3 but my LH was over 18. Its generally 3 times over. You may not be ovulating like you said because your cycle is so short. Your GP should have checked that with the blood tests. I would speak to your GP and ask him to test your blood for FSH, LH and progesterone. Progesterone increases 7 days post ovulation, so it needs to be taken 7 days before your AF comes. So if your AF is 23 days you want it done on day 16. But then gain you may be ovulating but have a short luteal phase. If you are not ovulating there are lots of things that can be done to aid ovulation, such as drugs like Clomid, Ovarian Drilling, injectibles.

Don't let your GP fob you off chick because it seems that a lot of GP's do. He can do the full bloods and give you more of an idea. Also if you get the numbers and post them on here we'll be able to have a look at them and tell you what they mean.

I hope you like it on here, we have very friendly and supportive members that are sure to make your TTC journey that little bit easier, I hope you feel right at home with us all soon.

Here are some links that you may find useful.

There is an abbreviations section
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There is a ** NEW TO THE SITE? A BIT LOST? POST FOR HELP HERE!!! ** thread
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There is a how to search thread
HERE so you can get the maximum benefit from the forum.

There is a clomid and ovulation induction section
HERE so you can get to know others on clomid and ride the clomid roller coaster together.

There is a CLOMID CHICKS CHAT thread
HERE where all the clomid girls hang out and support each other.

There is a cycle buddies section
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There is a 2WW section
HERE and a 2WW CHAT thread HERE so you can compare every twinge and symptom with everyone else.

There is a PCOS section
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If you have any questions about anything, just ask. :smile:

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Thursday, July 8th 2010, 9:39am

Hi Beano

I have PCOS but no symptoms either, I count myself lucky!

Best of luck xx
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Thursday, July 8th 2010, 9:42am

Me too Shortcake! I think we are the lucky ones really!

Our miracle was born on 25.02.2010!!



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Thursday, July 8th 2010, 1:06pm

Hello Laura!

You've come to the right place to find some support - everyone on this site is great! There's lots of helpful guidance for girls like us.

I too have PCO but none of the symptoms - I'm not overweight and not much hairier than one would expect from a regular brunette. Left to my own devices, my cycles are approx every 9 months. My consultant thinks I do ovulate when I have a bleed but this is so infrequent that it's very hard to try to conceive. I tried Clomid for a few months but I didn't respond so I'm now on Gonal-F, which is an injectable ovulation inducer. That seems to be working for me, so fingers crossed it will help me and my DH get our B F P...

Are you trying to conceive at the moment or are you just wanting to figure out what's going on with your body?

You might or might not be ovulating every cycle. The only way of knowing for sure is to have blood tests, as Flic has explained so well already. If you are trying to conceive you should definitely follow this up with your GP or consultant.

If there is less urgency to your curiosity and you just want to figure out what's going on, you might prefer to look out for other signs of ovulation that you can test yourself. Just before you ovulate there should be an increase in fertile cervical mucus, which is kind of stretchy. Mmm, lovely! But some girls with PCOS find they have this all the time, due to their raised LH levels. So it's not always the best indicator, but its worth being aware of. Another sign of ovulation is an increase in BBT - basal body temperature - which happens a day or two after ovulation. You can get a thermometer for a few pounds from Boots and take your temperature every morning for a couple of cycles to see if there is a strong pattern. There are lots of helpful tips about this on the internet - if you're interested get Googling!

Good luck! :thumbsup:

Bee x

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