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Thursday, June 10th 2010, 3:57pm

Newbie here - Young in age :(

Hi everyone,

I'm so happy to have found a support group with people who actually want to share experiences and words of wisdom with other people. Something much more personal and useful than reams of information pages. So my thanks goes out to every individual on this website.

I have recently been diagnosed with P.I.D. which I understand can be treated if caught quickly. I am 19, living the student life and my GUM clinic doctor told me its probably due to chlamydia or gonorrhea, I know for certain it cannot be chlamydia as I have had some of the symptoms for P.I.D. for 4 years, (bit of a shock for the doctor) and in that time I've had 3 chlamydia tests, so it could be gonorrhea or through another infection etc.

I have had multiple partners, but have always been very safe if the relationship hasn't been as serious as I would have liked. I am currently with someone who is very devoted to me and continuously telling me that things could be fine and I may still be able to conceive naturally. Now I'm not the silly type but if I've had P.I.D. for around 4 years (noticed extreme pain whilst having sex and tenderness of the ovaries and surrounding areas), time isn't exactly on my side. This honestly, terrifies me.
:-( . Idealistically I'd love nothing more in the world to have 3 children, and now I know everything could be jeopardized I fear for the future hopes of my own family.

I feel segregated, alone and protective of my womanly organs. I feel useless as a woman, if I am unable to lead a normal reproductive life, and I don't know where to go from here.

I have recently been given my antibiotics and bacteria diminishing tablets to take for 14 days, so I have to wait until 28th June to see the Doctor again.

I study Photography at University in Kent and am passionate about my future career, and if I thought that was going to be hard having a family is going to be even harder.

Can anyone help me,
1) The likely hood of my organs being O.K. after 4 years of pain, and..
2) What steps to take after my pills.

Thank-you so much everyone who will be willing to help me,

Yours truly,




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Thursday, June 10th 2010, 4:53pm

Hi and welcome

I hope you like it on here, we have very friendly and supportive members and I hope you feel right at home with us all soon.

I can't answer your specific question about PID, but will ask our reproductive health moderator to come along as soon as she comes online. In the meantime I hope that this general thread helps


Here are some other links that you may find useful.

There is an abbreviations section HERE so you know what we're all going on about.

There is a general fertility section HERE there is tonnes of information there that you may find helpful and will answer some of your questions.

There is a general fertility FAQ section HERE which contains lots of guides to different aspects of fertility.

There is a guide to the initial fertility tests HERE which explains the tests you can expect to be offered.

There is a ** GETTING STARTED - FZ FACTS, TIPS & HELP ** thread HERE this contains everything you need to know about getting started on FZ and a few guidelines too.

There is a ** NEW TO THE SITE? A BIT LOST? POST FOR HELP HERE!!! ** thread HERE where you can post any questions you have about how to use the site, a team member will answer you as soon as possible!

There is a how to search thread HERE so you can get the maximum benefit from the forum..

And finally!! Have you seen that lots of our members have fancy names in their signatures? If you’re interested in having something similar it’s really easy to do. Have a look HERE to choose a style. If there isn't one you like there, let us know the kind of thing you'd like and we'll try and create one for you.

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If you have any questions about anything, just ask. :smile:

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Thursday, June 10th 2010, 4:59pm

Dear Charlouise,

I m so sorry to hear what you re going through! It must be very frightening. I m sure someone here on the forum will be along soon and give you some info. No matter what, knowing exactly what is going on is the only key here - then you ll know what to expect and what to do. Is there anyone you can talk to about this? It might help to get things of your chest and a good cuddle! Here s a cyber one, for what it s worth. bigkiss

Keeping my fingers crossed you will have good news very soon! Let us know how you get on!

Take good care! :chocs: I m thinking you might need these right now!

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Thursday, June 10th 2010, 6:00pm


Welcome to FZ!

I don't know too much about PID to be honest. The links Eeyore has given you are really good though.

From what I've read PID causes scar tissue which can stop the ovaries working properly or block your tubes.

What are your periods like normally? Do you have them regularly?

The tablets should clear it up but unfortunately the scarring will still remain. But then obviously it depends on how bad it is as to whether it would affect your fertility.

If there is significant scarring it may be possible to have surgery to remove some of the scarring. Not sure how this would be done but I'm thinking it would probably be done with a lap.

Once you're all clear I think your next step would be to have bloods done to confirm whether you are ovulating. And then possibly lap and dye to ensure that your tubes are clear. If not they may be able to unblock them. If they are they may be able to clip them to prevent fluid leaking down into the uterus.

Really you need to speak to your doctor as they will be able to advise you better.

I bet its come as a real shock for you honey. The main thing is to take each day as it comes and to speak to those in the know.

There are lots of options and treatments for infertility so try not to worry too much. This doesn't necessarily mean that you won't have children and it doesn't necessarily mean that you will have to have fertility treatment.

When do your tablets finish and when are you back at the doctors?


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Thursday, June 10th 2010, 9:06pm

Hi and welcome

I am so sorry to hear your news. I had chlamydia when I was 17, up until I was 28 and started having fertility investigations I was terrified that I'd ruined my chances of having a family, as it turned out it wasn't the cause of my fertility problems. I do understand your fear and I don't think you're alone in feeling this way.

When you go and see the doctor again ask to be retested just to make sure the infection has cleared.

If I can help with the forum in any way, drop me a PM or post in the ** NEW TO THE SITE? A BIT LOST? POST FOR HELP HERE!!! ** thread HERE

Also, there is a how to search thread HERE which will really help you get the maximum benefit from the forum.

Good luck at your appointment, please let us know how you get on.


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