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  • "Dilly" started this thread

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Thursday, April 1st 2010, 8:39am

Single Palmer Crease

Hi all

Just thought I'd ask a question... Do any of you have children with Single Palmar Creases?

Dylan has one on his left hand. It was picked up in his Newborn check and the Dr who did it really alarmed me. Before checking his hands she explained what she was about to look for then said 'But he'll probably be fine'. She then looked a bit startled that he did have one, explaining how it was often an indicator in more serious conditions but I shouldn't worry about that as she wasn't and could tell he was fine anyway.

I googled this and found some really alarming websites. Wikipedia described many of the conditions it can be linked with (Downs, Edwards, Noonans, the list is long!) Having researched all these syndromes I think I have accepted he is not about to die on me but other websites describe how there are links with depression, emotional issues, substance abuse, crime, etc. To quote one website... 'People with Simian Lines generally live their life differently than most other people who do not have Simian Lines. Not necessarily living better nor worse. Just living more intensely with an undercurrent of uneasiness. and another gem 'It is a feature shared by drug addicts, mass murderers, scientific researchers and religious fanatics.' (I guess his Careers Advisor will have an interesting time...)

Perhaps most alarmingly I found that Tony Blair has a Single Palmer Crease! Also Hilary Clinton, Henry Miller, Thom Yorke.

On his 8 week check the Dr did the same thing... 'I'm going to check his palms for...' I interupted. 'I know- and yes he has one' Again she looked really shocked. I told her what I read on the internet and she told me I should stay away from Google... sound advice I'm sure! Again she reassured he was fine.

I'm quite sure he is fine physically but I do worry about mentally... I know it sounds stupid. My DP says that we will bring him up well and I shouldn't worry that he'll turn into a mass murderer in his teens. I pointed out I will still love him even if he does- though I will not approve of his chosen career path. In all seriousness, there is a history of mental illness in my family, myself included. Am I just looking for things to stress about???

Would be nice to hear if anyone has a child/ family member with this... and whether they have hurt any small animals or have a passion for knives...

Dilly xxx

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Thursday, April 1st 2010, 10:10am

Hi there,

really sorry I can't offer any help I'm afraid. I've never heard of this and at my DD's checks the Dr never said they were checking for it or even looked at her palms from what I can gather.

Seems very strange that they can decipher whether someone's going to be criminal from a crease on their hand? I wouldn't take any notice of what you read on Wikepedia, anyone can write on there so you're probabaly not geting actual proven medical evidence.

I know it's easy for me to say but as long as your little boy is healthy and happy then I wouldn't worry. xx


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Thursday, April 1st 2010, 10:31am

Hi Dilly,

I don't know anyone with this i'm afraid but my Drs have never looked for this in J.

As D doesn't have any symptoms of the disorders that it can sometimes be in an indicater of then I wouldn't worry too much. The trouble with reading about how it is linked with drug addicts, serial killers yadda, yadda is that it's something different so when a serial killer or drug addict has one they make a note of it but no one makes a note of how many of these kinds of people DON'T have it. I'm sure if they actually did a study of drug addicts and serial killers you would find that the vast majority of these people have a normal double crease, the same would apply for mental illness, the unusual is always commented on which can then lead to the conclusion that it's a contributory factor, how many people with a single palmer crease grow up to lead totally normal non-eventful lives, funny how google and wikipedia don't comment on this! It's also called a Simian Crease because apes only have 1 crease and I haven't noticed any homicidal tendencies in them so personally I would say ignore it, you have a wonderful little boy who is going to grow up to be an individual based on his personality and upbringing and not on a single crease on his palm.

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Thursday, April 1st 2010, 11:18am

I have a close friend from university who has this. He is EXTREMELY successful in his chosen career and (so far) has never suffered from any form of mental illness. If you want to believe anything you read about this then think about how intensity can make someone very focussed in a positive way as well as a negative way. That probably explains why a few of the names you came up with are prominent politicians...and I bet you'd find quite a few sports stars and other driven individuals with it.

Ultimately you can't change the fact that Dylan has this, but I really don't think that it is something for you to stress over. Like all of us, you will bring your little boy up to the best of your abillities and watch over him like a hawk, pouncing at the first sign that there might be something wrong. I am sure htat when he is older and you tell him how you worried he will just laugh xx

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  • "Dilly" started this thread

Posts: 246

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Children: Apr 2009- Suprise Natural BFP!!!

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Friday, April 2nd 2010, 10:17am

Thanks all.

I'm sure now that my BF issues are easing I'm just looking for someting else to obsess about!

When I think of it rationally I know it seems very unlikely he'll have a terrible life just because of a missing crease on his hands. xxx



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Monday, April 5th 2010, 7:36pm

Just discovered this thread - I've just been dipping in and out briefly over the last few days.
I have a single palmar crease on my left hand too and I think I'm pretty normal :snigger: I don't have any chromosomal abnormalities, nor am I "driven" In fact I was always a bit on the lazy side tbh.
I 'm a very caring individual, and have a fairly high IQ. When I was training, and this subject cropped up (mainly in relation to signs of Downs - but the single creases in Downs are on both hands, and they would only be considered in conjunction with other signs) I noticed mine. The consultant who was teaching us showed us his and said if there was no abnormality, it was a sign of intelligence!! :snigger: So I'm sticking with that one!! :D

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