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  • "mim" started this thread

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Wednesday, December 9th 2009, 9:41am

Ivf requirements in Hammersmith hospital in london?

Hi Guys

I need some help as I did not get many answers at my consultant yesterday, after having ovarian drilling in Oct I went yesterday for follow up appointment, so I was told that we will wait couple of months and if nothing happens I will be put back on clomid and I think no more than 4-5 months as in UK you can only have 12 cycles of clomid in your entire life that is what the consultant said. So he also said if at the end of the clomid I am still not pregnant he will refer me to Hammersmith hospital for ivf because my GP falls under this hospital and he doesn't. He didn't tell me what their requirements are, I read in internet there are age requirements , bmi, smoking and others, I would really appreciate if anyone who has some info to share with me , I am very depressed as if I do not get the funded IVF I will not be able to afford to pay private for the next 2-3 years. And I want to make sure if I get referred I have done everything possible to get the IVF treatment.
Thank you.

I edited to say also found that many places say you have to be ttc for over 3 yrs which I have but moved to Uk 2 yrs ago , so I really wonder how they are going to count my yrs of fertility problems. I am ttc 6yrs now.
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Monday, December 14th 2009, 12:19pm

hi mim,

i am at hammersmith hospital and i hope to help you by telling you which boxes of criteria my habbuy and I ticked to be accepted as patients.

First of all age. DH is 29 and I am 28. I think IVF is funded up to the age of 39/40.
The years of ttc are counted from the day you started ttc. It doesn't matter if you lived in another country before. My hubby and I live in Germany (I'm German, hubby's British) and Hammy accepts overseas patients.
You need to have a diagnosis, so in writing why you fail to get pregnant. As you've been prescribed chlomid there will be a reason - so no worries.

I am not sure if Hammy has rules about BMI and smoking. But to increase your chances of course both of you should have a healthy weight and be non-smokers. Often clinics refuse obese patients as sometimes the obesity might be the reason for infertility but as I said before I am not sure if Hammy is this strict.

At our first consultation at Hammy we were seen by a fertility specialist and had to fill out some questionnaires and provide all necessary documents. These all got sent away to the NHS funding office who will then decide (or normally the consultant can tell you anyway) if you're gonna be put on the waiting list and when your treatment will take place. The very good thing about Hammy is the short waiting list. From referral to first consultation is took 8-10 weeks, from then on only two more months until start of treatment.

I hope you won't have to walk this difficult IVF road and have my fingers crossed the chlomid cycles will work out for you.

All the best




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Sunday, December 20th 2009, 8:22pm

Hammersmith - treatment feedback and chat

A new thread for your feedback on tx at hammersmith hospital :smile:

There are some older threads on Hammersmith that you may also find useful:
IVF Hammersmith, London
IVF Hammersmith - Waiting lists

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Sunday, December 20th 2009, 9:20pm

xmas36 Oooooooh a brand spanking new thread for Christmas!! xmas36

Not long got back from dinner at the sister in laws, was a great afternoon, feeling very Christmassy again now!

Can I suggest that we all re introduce ourselves on this new thread? (please add anything that I may have missed, Im a newbie so dont really know what I may need to know..)

Me -
Start 1st round IVF on 23rd Dec 09
21 day Protocol, funded cycle.
Unexplained Infertility - but I have had one high FSH count, subcutaneous fibroids and Husband has some level of lazy sperm
Been trying for 2 years
Me 38, OH 39

Im starting to feel more excited about injecting on the 23rd now!
However - woke up this morning with period pains, its only day 18 and was laying awake worrying myself that my period would come early and I would mess this cycle up...
I ended up getting up and laying the sofa at 4.30am as couldnt sleep anymore...
Does anyone know what would happen if I did come on early? OH says that surely the worst would happen is that you start it next cycle instead? I should call the nurse tomorrow I think.
Im usually a 24/26 day cycle and have been regular as anything but it would be just my luck!

So thats my latest drama, I dont like to dissapoint....

I hope you have all had a great weekend and are all sorted for Christmas!
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Monday, December 21st 2009, 7:53am

morning ladies

abit of confusion on getting to this thread!

quick post.

started burserlin today, couldnt sleep most of the night so was wide awake and ready to inject at 7am. i had a nitemare! i just could not get the air bubbles out! 3rd time lucky, then after withdrawing, realised there was still 0.1ml left in the syringe, so had to inject myself again!! :bawl:

considering it is my 2nd cycle, you would think i wouldnt have issues. oh well, heres hoping tomorrow morning is better!! lol.

have a good day

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4th IVF/ICSI - Jan/Feb 11 - BFN
5th IVF/ICSI/Blasto - June 11 - BFP

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