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Sunday, November 1st 2009, 1:59pm

We dont know what caused this?

My dp was diagnosed with 98% abnormal sperm in April of this year, we have been trying to concieve for 2 years and are about the start IVF with ICSI

His results were, count - 80 million - Motillity- 20% - and for those that were motile... of course 98% were abnormal

Never the less I have noticed lots of male factor infertility has causes, I have heard that sometimes mens tubes get blocked etc, but my partner has had his semen tested, but never been investigated as to why he is infertile.

Is this not standard practice? Is there ever a time when it can be changed, we have tried the whole lifestyle change approach, no hot baths, no lap top on legs, no cycling, he has taken all the vitamins, quit smoking, caffiene, beers... but is there anywhere that invesitgates male infertility? I mean, is there anyone who has been able to better the fertility as far as male factor is concerned?

I accept our chances are slim, but i would like some alternative opinions and suggestions and if there is anything we can do to improve things through investigation, even if only to give my partner some of his confidence back... infertility really did knock him for six! ;(
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Sunday, November 1st 2009, 10:06pm

Hi Honey!

I didn't want to read and run...but I dont know the answers. Maybe Paul or another member will see this and are able to help. I am sorry.

We have a male factor thread at the top of this are more then welcome to join us...........xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please God, let our dream come true.... :pray: xfingers xfingers xfingers

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Monday, November 2nd 2009, 12:23am

RE: We dont know what caused this?

Hi from me,

I am sorry that you have had bad news about DP's sperm picture. As you have realised this is not uncommon, and half of all couples experiencing a delay in conceiving, have a male problem, either as the primary cause, or as an additional factor in their infertility.

Humans are not a very fertile species, and even the most fertile of men or of sperm donors will have far more abnormal sperm than normal sperm. However a great deal is currently being made of the impact of sperm morphology on male fertility, and the picture is still very unclear. There are two major criteria for assessing sperm morphology, World Health Organisation criteria and Kruger Strict Criteria. By the former it is rare, even amongst known fertile men, to see over 30% of sperm totally normal; whilst by the latter mode of measurement, values greater than 10-12 percent are seen as normal. Sadly by either criteria, your DH's sperm picture has a major problem with morphology, even though his motility is close to adequate and his sperm concentration is excellent.

The sperm is predominantly a carrier to transport the sperm along the female genital tract and up to the egg surface, where the tail drops off and the head is drawn into the egg. Some sperm defects quite clearly render the sperm incapable of doing this, either because the tail defects mean that the motility is not adequate to propel the sperm through the cervical mucus, or the shape of the head of the sperm is so abnormal that even a normal tail cannot propel it through the mucus. But even quite abnormally shaped sperm can have totally normal chromosomes, if this can only be delivered to the egg.

The sperm concentration, sperm motility (percentage of and quality of), and the fertility of the female are all of, at least equal, if not more importance. So all of these parameters have to be taken into consideration in determining the reasons for a couple's failure to conceive.

There is no doubt that lifestyle aspects can impair sperm production although it is usually the sperm numbers rather than quality that are majorly affected say, by excessive exercise and other causes of testicular overheating. However such effects are usually contributory rather than the total cause. In most cases the problem, lies more in the way his testicles have developed, or have been affected by environmental factors since birth, including chemical and viral influences. But approaches such as increasing his intake of vitamin C and zinc may show some benefits and I have certainly seen some dramatic benefits in some men where overheating was very major factor.

Although there are lots of anecdotal reports and advertiements recommending herbal and nutritional products which you may like to track down and consider; in general there is no guaranteed way of enhancing sperm quality other than regular ejaculation (every 2-3 days). There is a great deal of physical damage done to sperm stored for too long in the epididymis, and therefore sperm suffer where he abstains for more than 5-6 days.

Kind regards


Kind regards
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