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  • "KeepTheFaith" started this thread

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Thursday, October 1st 2009, 9:53pm

Looking for hope

Hello Peeps :bye:

My story is getting longer as time goes by, I will try to make this post as short as possible, but im looking for some hope really... i feel I have been a little knocked off my feet lately with the whole infertility journey, the goal posts are constantly changing and im feeling unsettled!

I start by saying im very young, 19 years old infact, sadly wise beyond my years never the less human all the same, my partner is 27, he has a degenerative disease that currently doesnt make his life to much agony, but with all conditions that get worse over time, he is expected to be wheelchair bound but of stable mind in 15 years time...

we have known each other for a very long time and been ttc for 2 years...

following a SA we found out his sperm was 98% abnormal... we were put on the waiting list for nhs funded ivf...

we tried wellman vits, zita west, he quit smoking, drinking caffiene, to the point where it was like we lived to reproduce and yet this natrual thing we couldnt achieve is still and we fear will be out of reach for some time... his SAs havent improved...

we had to appeal for nhs funding due to my age under special circumstances... the appeal was accepted and we were over the moon, but this was short lived when a nasty and strange consultant to ourselves took our funding away, why, how, im not quite sure, but he said they would only treat me for iui and someone had made a cock up in telling me i had ivf with icsi funded...

what good is iui to 98% abnormality... you'd of thought a fertility consultant would have known that eh! it beggers belied considering they put us through all the bloods and damn near sent me the drugs to start treatment! [zx002]

Anyway... as hard as this blow was to take, we had a nice relaxing holiday and tried to accept the chances of not having ivf for some further years, but research led us to CARE in nottingham and the egg share programme, we have just been refered and are back into the early staged of getting a new ball rolling and i have some hope again, although i know how difficult it is to get through the doors of said programme, im preying...

never the less im concerned, am i letting myself in for another big fall having the treatment considering his sperm is 98% abnormal...

what if none of the eggs fertilise? are there any success storys concerning sperm of such quantity being abnormal!

Im just so fed up of being hurt and let down and scared... all we want is to enjoy a family...

god bless to all who are going through this... sometimes its really not easy!!!
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Thursday, October 1st 2009, 10:07pm


Im so sorry for the rough time you have had thinking funding will be available then cruelly taken away again.

I feel for you hun, I was 22 when I first got referred so understand being young often means your treated like an idiot but doesnt mean you dont want/deserve a baby any less than anyone else.

Im also sorry about your partners condition. Im not too clued up about abnormalities in sperm, My DH just had a very low count with low motility but I wanted to say do not give up hope.

I had huge fears of things not going to plan, eggs not fertilising as Im sure most women on here have but keep the faith hun.

I hope things look up soon and you feel better about future soon.

All the best hun

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Thursday, October 1st 2009, 10:18pm

Hi, I couldnt just read and run!

I really hope that you get accepted on this scheme to egg share at CARE.
It must be hard you both being so young and being turned away from the NHS. You really do wonder who makes all of these rules up hey? You must be so frustrated X(.

Anyway, I hope you get to your treatment soon and you never know may have that baby you have dreamed of in the near future!

Take care and best wishes xxx

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Friday, October 2nd 2009, 1:59pm

Hello, I was speaking to you about IVF funding before, so I am so sorry to hear your funding has been taken away. Its so unfair and should not be allowed to happen.

I cant give you any success story yet! But my DH has only 2 million sperm and 100% abnormal. The specialist we saw explained that each sperm can have an abnormality in one of 3 places either the head, which would mean it is noo good, the tail which means it cant swim to get to the egg or the middle bit which I cant quite remember but I think she said it means they dont have enough energy to get to the egg. For ICSI they cut off the tails anyway so they choose the sperm with abnormalities in their tails, that way they still have all the healthy DNA in their heads.

What is your DH's sperm count as if it is quite high then 2% being normal should still mean he has a few good sperm to use.

Good luck with it all and hope this has helped and not just told you what you already know!

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Friday, October 2nd 2009, 6:09pm

Hi KeepTheFaith

Poor you! As if you and your dear fella weren't having to cope with enough already.
I wanted to send you some positives.

Firstly, you yourself are a great candidate for IVF. The younger the better and as you know your eggs should be top notch at your age. So that's all great. If all your tests have been fine and your hormones, womb etc. look great, then try and take some comfort from the fact that you're only dealing with one issue.

My husband and I were trying for over 3 years. We initially thought the problem lie with me as his SA all came back alright, never great, but fine. However, none of them included morphology. We found in the end that he had 92% abnormal forms. This test can vary so much over time, some tests were worse - I should say that by the time we did ICSI, IVF his sample was something like 85%.

I am 32 years old and was in good health with no fertility issues. We are currently 28 weeks pregnant with twins! So doooo KeepTheFaith because you have every reason to.

The biggest changes he made for 6 months were - loose clothing, no boxers at night! No hot baths or steam rooms, lap tops, bike riding - He did stop drinking for 2 months but I felt that stress was probably having a worse effect on him and so he began drinking very little and usually red wine - no beer because of something to do with oestrogen?? He took Wellman supplements and ate a generally healthy diet.

I presume that your husband will be on some medications or possibly pain killers? It may be worth him discussing them and their possible effects on morphology with his consultant? There may be alternatives he could try or altering dosage, for just the three months leading up to treatment..... I'm sorry if that is a totally insensitive or ignorant suggestion.

Please try and keep positive, you'll find so much help on here. I once truly felt like all was lost and now I know it isn't.

I wish you all the luck in the world and hope that you can put the crap treatment you've had so far behind you and look to the future with faith.


xxxxxx :innocent: :snowangel:

The guest access to this forum was limited. Overall there are 6 Postings in this thread.
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