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Tuesday, September 8th 2009, 11:47am

Started Clomid

Ok my journey has began...

i went to the hospital at the beginning of August and was given the drug Provera to start off my periods due to the fact i have PCOS and dont have a regular cycle, took provera twice a day for 7 days and my period started the 31st of August, i was told to start taking the clomid (50mg) on day 2 of my period and to take one tablet a day for 5 days!

Ive had alot of fun with the side affects!!! Low mood being the worst one i havent cried so much in years, feel tired, loss of appetite, feeling achy... the list goes on. Anyway aside from all that i completed the 5 day course and im now just waiting for my period to stop so i can get down to the "trying" side of things. I have a few questions though!

As i dont have a regular cycle im not sure what my fertile days will be so whats the best thing to do?

Also the Doctor gave me about 4 months worth of clomid but also about 4 months of the provera, so am i supposed to test for pregnacy after how long?? im so confused about all this because obviously i need to make sure im not pregnant before ressuming the provera again! the doctor wasnt very clear on this!

I have to go for a blood test on day 21 from my period start date that would be the 20th of Sept which is a sunday and im not sure if the path lab is open on that day... if its not would it matter going in on day 20 or 22 of the cycle!!!

Sorry if this message isnt very clear, my head is still feeling fuzzy and im not totally with it at the moment!!! :snigger:

Anyway hopefully someone can help me a little!!! Bye for now!

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Tuesday, September 8th 2009, 9:22pm

RE: Started Clomid

Hi Gemstone. Welcome to FZ

Many (but sadly, not all) women with PCOS will respond to Clomid and have a good cycle. If this happens then your fertility becomes normal and you are in with a chance of conceiving without having to go in for more involved treatment. But you won't know what your cycle is going to do in response to Clomid until it has done it. Ideally it should give you ovulation on about day 14 of the cycle, a good high progesterone (>30-35nmol/L), and either a pregnancy or a 28 day cycle.

It may do all, or some, or none of these things, and you may have to take provera again and perhaps be told to increase the dose to 100 or even 150 mg before it works; or it is decided that Clomid is not going to work for you. You really need to use an ovulation predictor kit to look for the pre-ovulatory LH hormone surge indicating that your body is trying to ovulate. If this is happening and successfully causing you to ovulate, it will give you an idea of when to book your blood test (around 7 days after you see the surge) and when to expect a period or to do a pregnancy test (around 14 days after the surge).

You should check with your doctor how wants you to use your next provera but you probably need to wait for 6 weeks after starting taking Clomid, and do a couple of pregnancy tests to ensure that you have not ovulated and become pregnant from that first cycle. You will really only know from trying it out. But you should be making love throughout this time to ensure that you do not miss ovulation whenever it happens, and also because regular ejaculation helps to maintain his best sperm count and quality.

Good luck,

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Wednesday, September 9th 2009, 8:15am

Hi Gemstone

I think Paul has answered most of your questions? The only other thing seems to be the 'day 21' blood tests which will be fine to have either on day 20 or 22. They need to be about 7 days post ovulation so if you don't get good results, don't despair - it may be that you need to get them repeated if you ovulate later than the 'average' person.

You may find the clomid regulates your cycle and you don't actually need the later doses of provera - it definately made my AF more regular.

As you have PCOS and are using clomid you're likely to find that OPKs aren't accurate for you which means, as Paul suggests, making love throughout your cycle rather than trying to pinpoint a 'magic' day. I generally thought that days 10-18, every other day would cover it.



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Wednesday, September 9th 2009, 9:14am

Hi Gem,

I agree with Bubble - opk have not worked for me at all, and we have been using the 10 - 18 day rule... Also to check for signs of ovulation like ewcm.

I do hope you have success on this treatment and that you will have a short journey on this road to bring you that BFP.

Good luck