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  • "Minna" started this thread

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Saturday, July 4th 2009, 4:24pm

Thyroid - TSH levels & infertility


I've just had my TSH levels tested, as I have a family history of under and over-active thyroids.

The TSH levels came at 2.5 and the doctors at ARGC said not to worry about that level. We are currently waiting for the thyriod ani-body test to come back.

(Wanted to test after having a horrendous IVF experience since my BCHG levels were all over the place. I was first told I was pregnant, then got the news that I would probably misscarry, then that it probably was ectopic, then that it wasn't ectopic and a small heartbeat but sack too small. Then finally no heart beat @ 8 weeks and sent in for abortion)

However, since my sister has an under active thyriod and wants to have another child she went to one of the best specialists in Sweden and was told that unless your TSH levels are as low as around 1.0 it could have a severe impact on your fertility and increased risk of misscarriage.

She was then at 2.3, and they increased her medicine to get her down to around 1.0.

Has anyone else heard about this? There seems to be very little or inconclusive info out there (at least on the english sites. The swedish ones cover it much more). I'm keen to find some information (or specialist to talk to) that I can take with me to the ARGC.

I'm due to start another IVF cycle with ARGC as soon as my period arrives (which no-one knows when it will be, with my PCOS) and I'm keen to get this sorted ahead starting.

Any info would be really appreciated.


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Saturday, July 4th 2009, 6:36pm

Hi Minna :smile:

A THS level of 2.5 shouldn't have any affect on an IVF cycle and is within the 'normal' range according to my endocrinologist (who goes by a range of 0.35 - 5.5)
I wouldn't worry about it, sounds like your thyroid is fine at the moment. Do you know what your T4 level is? It will be these two levels that give a proper indication of thyroid function.

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Saturday, July 4th 2009, 8:26pm

Hiya, my tsh level was similar to your 2.6. It is normal. but my consultant likes it to be below 2.0 for fertility. So he put me on low dose thyroxine of 25mcg. I thought he is the only one doing it. Interesting to see others in Sweden want it to be below 1.0. Might be worth mentioning it your consulant. My TSH came done after 1 month of thyroxine and I am still on it at slightly higher dose.


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Sunday, July 5th 2009, 10:32am

I have to put in my tuppence worth here: the reference range for TSH is generally 0.35 to 5.5 (and in some areas 0.3 to 3.5)
A TSH of 2.6 is perfectly normal. As long as your T3 and T4 are also in the normal range it is fine. If you have a personal history of hypothyroidism and are on treatment doctor's will often shift the reference range to a slightly narrower band - my endocrinologist likes to see levels around 2-2.5 if you are on treatment but is happy with 3.5 if you have no thyroid problems. When I had a TSH of 1.1 she was not happy and decreased my meds to bring the levels back up as she said that at 1.1 I was risking symptoms of hyperthyroidism even though my T3 and T4 were okay.

My last set of thyroid levels had my TSH at 20.67 - now that IS high. If I had had a 2.6 she would have smiled and been happy with it...

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  • "Minna" started this thread

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Sunday, July 5th 2009, 12:14pm


Thanks for your reply!!

Your consultant is he a infertility expert or thyroid expert? If he is based in London??, would you mind sending me his details so that I could contact him?

Because of what the Swedish expert told my sister and the family history of thyriod diseases, I really want to get hold of someone that doesn't dismiss my concerns.

My T4 levels were at 13.8.

After looking at for general information regarding Thyroid diseases, I found that they recommend furhter testing if the TSH levels are above 2.0.

Please click on "Test & Diagnosis" and then "The interpretation of TSH blood test results", on the right hand side.


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The guest access to this forum was limited. Overall there are 15 Postings in this thread.
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