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  • "marsaday" started this thread

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Friday, June 5th 2009, 10:39am

low sperm count and ivf


i have a sperm count of 18m and 23m (2 tests). the motility on the second test was 65%.

The docs think we should have ivf as we have been trying for 1 1/2 yrs now.

what can i do to help myself. i take zinc, selenium and magnesium, vit c and iron. can i do more. the doc says these vits only have a minor effect.

we will go for ivf i think but i just wanted to see what others had experienced.



  • "marsaday" started this thread

Posts: 36

Reg: May 20th 2009

Location: york

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Friday, June 5th 2009, 10:45am

i should add this low sperm count is a real mystery to me in a way. i am slim, dont smoke, dont drink much (4 units a week avg.), eat a good diet and play a lot of sport.

the thinks which count against me are i have had a thyroid disorder for a long time undiagnosed and because of the fertility issues this has been corrected, but the sperm count is still low (it came up from 18m to 23m last yr).

the final thing against me is a only have one working testicle. one was undescended and so is basically dead even though it is now down (op aged 9).

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Friday, June 5th 2009, 11:08am

Hi Marsaday

I'm sure our experts will be along soon with more advice. I just wanted to reassure you that there is light at the end of the tunnel! My husband had a morphology issue with his sperm and we think this was related to his undescended testicles. He too has one that is useless. I'm no expert but I think the quantity you have from one is good. It's all about the quality now.
We were trying for 3 years and eventually had IVF with ICSI. I am currently 12 weeks with twins! My husband did everything you are doing, I appreciate how unfair it is that you are so fit and well. I would also suggest that you ban saunas, steam room and hot showers/baths, go commando when possible! You sound sporty, as is my husband, we banned bike riding too I'm afraid. He also swapped drinking beer for wine due to some of the chemicals in it. After six months of doing the above by the time he gave his sample for our ICSI he had improved his morphology from 94% to 80%.

I wish you all the luck in the world and certainly wouldn't give up hope of a natural conception yet.


xxxxxx :innocent: :snowangel:



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Friday, June 5th 2009, 11:54am

Hi Marsaday, welcome to FZ! a count of between 18-23million per ml is actually ok as far as I know. Anything less than 20million per ml is considered low, so you actually probably fall into the category of 'normal' you'll be pleased to know! I am not so sure about the motility figures but 65% doesn't sound bad to me.
My DH takes Selenium and Zinc, and also we try to eat healthily and cut out the caffiene. It's worth a go at all these things, they work for some people but not for others.
If your wife/ partner has no fertility problems then you could try for a while longer before IVF, but that's your choice. I wish you every success in the path you do choose, and we'll be able to help you with any IVF queries you have x

After 5 years of endo surgery, clomid, 2 x MM/C, 2 x ICSI cycles and 1 PGD cycle,
beautiful twin girls born 8th Feb 2010, we are so grateful

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Friday, June 5th 2009, 1:07pm


Hiya, Welcome to FZ!

Yeah - I agree with Ros, that doesn't sound too bad. My poor DH had 4 million and 9 million on his 2 tests, with low motility and morphology too - he also issues with undescended, fixed when he was about 8 or 9.

You could look at options like IUI? Easier than IVF on your wife/partner? Some people say it's not worth trying as rates of success aren't THAT high, but personally, I'd be tempted if I was in your position. Friends of ours recently had a success on their second cycle of IUI, after trying for two years.

Wishing you all the very best of luck with whatever you decide. Seems very unfair doesn't it? My DH is also pretty fit and active, doesn't drink, etc etc. You have my sympathies.

Sarah xxx
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