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Saturday, March 28th 2009, 4:11pm

Success stories with low AMH

Hi ladies, I'm after some much needed reassurance and hope please. I have just been dropped the bombshell by my NHS clinic that my AMH is too low at 3.3 and they are no longer prepared to treat me (with my own eggs) - to say I am devestated is an understatement.
My FSH is 4 which apparently is very good, so don't know why my AMH level is so low? I have only one ovary though so this may be some of the reason?
Anyway, I have rang a clinic to go private and they say they have no problem treating me? So really don't know what my chances are or if i is worth getting a loan and going private?
Are there any ladies who have succeeded with a low AMH or should I start to face the fact that our dream is not possible?
Mny thanks

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Saturday, March 28th 2009, 4:46pm

RE: Success stories with low AMH

Hi there

So sorry to hear about your AMH, I know exactly how you feel as mine is a pathetic 1.79. However, my clinic were more than happy to treat me (private), although my IVF was converted to IUI as my response to high meds was very poor. I'm not a success yet as on 2WW - had two follies in the end, one very good so it's xfingers for me.

I am sure there are some ladies who have had a happy ending though, and I know there are several of us around in a similar situation. Have a look on the IVF threads regarding Antagonist cycles.

Don't give up yet! Consider looking into private treatment and maybe get more than one opinion on it. Am sorry the miserable old NHS won't treat you, did they not even suggest an Antagonist cycle (no down regging) for you?

:goodluck: with whatever you decide to do.

Love Gracie

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We got there in the end! happydance

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Saturday, March 28th 2009, 4:51pm

Thank you for your reply Gracie -
they suggested short protocol at first but couldn't fit me in that month - then when I rang the next month they said they had 'just' changed their protocol and would no longer treat me! Can't believe they can do this.

All the very best of luck on your test day! x

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Saturday, March 28th 2009, 8:45pm

RE: Any success stories with low AMH?


I am sorry about your news, as this clearly is not good news. The measurement of AMH has come along only very recently and although there is some data on the 'normal' range, there is still debate about the 'fertile' range i.e. how accurately AMH correlates with fertility, and at what level of AMH a woman becomes totally infertile. The first thing to do is to get them to repeat the assay. AMH is independent of where you are in your cycles, but there are stories of AMH varying from month to month. So get another test done.

AMH is supposed to be a measure of the antral cell count which relates to the number of potential eggs that can arise from your ovary. As you have only one ovary you will have a slightly lower count as a result. Because your AMH is so low this is taken to indicate that you are less likely to respond to ovarian stimulation protocols, which in turn reduces the chances of ultimately conceiving with IVF. The validity of this is still really under investigation, and it may be that your ovaries will perform better with some protocols and not others, or with natural cycle IVF.

It is unclear also how much AMH truly reflects fertility for natural conception, and if the one tube that you have remaining is in good condition and you can ovulate regularly and well, then a natural pregnancy is not out of the question.

So if this result is valid then it does call into question how fertile you are, but I feel that only trying it out will prove the point, and you may have to do this before you stop trying.

But talk again to the unit and to the embryologists there, and get their considered opinion.

Good luck

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Saturday, March 28th 2009, 9:03pm

Thank you so much for your reply Paul, sorry, I said that I only have one tube, I meant to type that I only have one ovary, I have no tubes. I am going to see if I can get the test repeated, but I don't hold out much hope.

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