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Sunday, July 6th 2008, 11:48pm

Fsh/LH tests at days other than 3-5 window

Hi Ladies

Is there anyone that can help me understand my results? any light shed will be greatly appreciated.

I have had some tests done over the last few months for FSH/LH

My first was done in Nov last year about 21 days into my cycle and the results said
FSH 19.1
LH 68.3

The second was done end of May this year 17 days into a cycle that was only 21 days long that month. (Normally im 30 days)
FSH 3.1
LH 4.4

Both are quite a contrast, Im due to go for FSH/LH tomorrow on the correct time of my cycle 2-5 and wondering what that will yeild.
I know the 3.1 FSH is good but is it normal for the FSH to be at that level at that point in your cycle?

Are you only supposed to have a low FSH on at start of your cycle?

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Monday, July 7th 2008, 12:01pm

fsh levels should be taken on day 1-5 of your cycle day 3 being prefect

im not sure why they would test for fsh later in your cycle, have you had day 21 progestrone tests?

fsh on day 1-5 should be low yeah and this will give your clinic and good idea of the amount of stimmulation you need
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  • "Rainy" started this thread

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Saturday, August 9th 2008, 2:54am


Sorry I forgot I posted this! thank you for the reply Kara, I was having some other tests for other things at the time and just asked them to take the blood for that, not knowing that it has to be 3-5 days window for FSH.

I havnt had any progestorone tests, I had my FSH re-tested on day 5 and it was 14.00 and Lh 12.2 so early signs of menopause so they say.

My consultant is going to start me off on slightly higher does of that gonal pen.
(if I remember everything correctly)

I still don't know how I can have FSH 3.2 one minute then 14.00 the next! even if its different time of the month.
My consultant just said we will go with the highest FSH (I didnt tell her about the 19. fsh mid cycle last year :8o:

I think maybe (hoping) my true FSH is some where between the middle of all thoose results, like hmm maybe 8 :P

Or has it definatley GOT TO BE the highest they get from results X(

SEPT 08 1st IVF try cancelled due to cyst and failed D/R ?(
FEB 09 2nd IVF try BFN ; 2 embies( (slow responder)
Trying to save for another attempt
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Saturday, August 9th 2008, 7:49am

Hi, we have many threads which may help and also an old post from Paul which I have copied below

If you'd like to look at all of the other threads, type 'FSH' into the search and 'search in title' and 'view as threads'

*** HOW TO SEARCH! ***

(FSH - under 10 is ok! - under 6 is excellent, 6-9 is good, 9-10 fair, 10-13 diminished reserve, 13+ very hard to stimulate)

In panic mode............

Fear of early menopause

fsh levels

Confused about FSH levels


Originally posted by Paul Entwistle
Hi y'all,

FSH and LH are two of the various hormones released from the pituitary gland (in the front portion of the brain) and they are transported through the blood stream to the ovaries and to the testicles (but not usually in the same person). Here they stimulate follicle and egg developement (FSH) and egg release (LH), in the female; and sperm production in the male. These are called the target or end-organs for these hormones.

These end-organs in turn release chemicals and hormones which travel back to the pituitary to let the pituitary have some feedback as to their response to the LH and FSH. If the output of the end-organs drops then more FSH or LH is sent to them. In the female, increasing age causes the ovaries start to become resistant to stimulation and become less likely to ovulate, probably in part because there are fewer primordial (immature) follicles left/fewer eggs to be released. When the pituitary senses this reduced response it sends down even more FSH/LH to push them into working. So the levels of these hormones in the blood stream gradually rise with age as the poor old ovaries get pushed more and more - until they say nuff's enuff and stop working. There are several reasons for poor ovarian response but the result is the same, high FSH and LH.

Where the FSH/LH are very high in the woman then she is in the menopause or peri-menopause, with an ovarian failure either appropriate to her age, or she may have a premature menopause/ovarian failure. She has problem therefore and will probably respond poorly to ovulation induction including IVF, and may even have to resort to egg donation. Measuring these hormone levels is what's known as measuring the ovarian reserve, and is used as an indication of how near to/far from/far in to, the menopause the woman is. It is only an approximate guide and works best in assessing the response to IVF ovulation induction and less well in predicting future, naturally ttc chances.

So what are normal levels of FSH and LH? Opinions vary amongst the experts, surprise! surprise! The test must be done very early in the cycle as the levels rise through the first phase of the cycle (the "proliferative phase" you will remember - Wake up you at the back), and false values will be obtained. In women with reasonably regular cycles this means day 1,2,3 of the cycle; with very irregular or no cycles, it has to be just a guess; - and in men with cycles it becomes a totally different syndrome.

FSH and LH will rise slowly with age whilst still being within normal, and fertile levels. Any result therefore has to be considered along with the age of the woman, but values of 5 - 14 iu/L are normal for women under say 38 yrs. Values greater than 18 or so suggest possible approaching ovarian running down, and values greater than 25 predict reduced success with IVF, although natural pregnancies can still occur from occasional spontaneous ovulations, so don't give up trying. FSH can vary from month to month to a degree so get it repeated if the first result is high. However it is not clear what this means and which result is the most predictive. The most predictive value is from a series of FSH results say over an 18 month period. A faster than normal rise suggests a rapidly approaching problem.

LH levels have a less predictive value but are normally lower (or should be) - with 4 - 8 iu/L being normal but then rising as the menopause approaches. The two hormones usually rise in tandem as the ovaries wind down. However an exception is in polycystic ovarian disease or syndrome (PCOD or PCOS) where the LH rises to levels 2.5 - 4 times that of the FSH, the FSH usually remaining within normal limits.

For men the LH is not usually measured and I confess to having forgotten the usual range. Most importantly the FSH will be in excess of 12 - 15 iu/L in end-organ testicular failure. Where this level is normal, say values down to 3,4,5 iu, but with azoospermia, then a bilateral absence or blockage of the vasa is indicated ie an involuntary vasectomy and this should be investigated with ultrasound or dye instillation. Very low levels of FSH suggests secondary organ failure with the grand diagnostic title of hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism, which can be treated hormonally.

And finally - to complete the story:

The pituitary is not its own master. It is only the foreman or shift manager. Further over in the brain is the hypothalamus. This organ which is an important part of the brain's functioning - the executive director as it were- keeps an eye on the activity of the pituitary gland, giving it a poke if it is not doing its job properly, and holding back any over-enthusiasm. But the Top Dog - the chairman of the board of directors - is the unconscious mind. This ultimately determines what happens around the body. This is the agent that stops ovulation or sperm production when you are stressed, or acts to prevent conception where there are unresolved anxieties or issues from the past.

This is why I have used counselling and hypnothereapy for many years for fertility enhancement in my practice and this has been written up in various magazines and newspapers (see me for the references!).

Good luck


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Saturday, August 9th 2008, 5:28pm

Hi Rainy!

One of the threads Eeyore's posted a link to is mine!

Mine jumped about all over the place - between 3 and 17 over a 6 month time span!

My first consultant who was treating me with clomid was VERY negative. Scared me to death. When I went to the Lister they were fab - very used to treating ladies with high FSH but they do go with the highest reading as they think that's the most indicative, which in my case indicated a dwindling ovarian reserve/POF.

I only ever had it tested on day 2 or 3.

So, maybe get tested again at the beginning of your cycle and go from there. Even if its high though, don't panic. Your clinic will use the information to provide you with the most appropriate treatment.

Wishing you lots of luck - here if you need an ear!


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  • "Rainy" started this thread

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Tuesday, August 12th 2008, 1:26am

thanks for replys, Im definatley definatley going to get it tested on day 3, and I will be mentally prepared for them to tell me some astronomical figure, then I wont feel shocked.

Thankyou for the links eyeore they make very very interesting reading and give great insight.

I don't think there is any point anymore in panic, what will be will be, just got to work with what we have and go with the flow.

I think its just at first when you get those sort of tests done at 36 you just dont expect the word "menopause" to be mentioned. Apart from that fact, its made me instantly feel old X(

SEPT 08 1st IVF try cancelled due to cyst and failed D/R ?(
FEB 09 2nd IVF try BFN ; 2 embies( (slow responder)
Trying to save for another attempt
Latest FSH 9.2 yipee!
"Maybe One day I to will have a doppler"