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  • "Peony" started this thread

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Wednesday, June 4th 2008, 11:37pm

Age factor

Hi all!

Im new here, but think Ive come to the right place. Me and my husband have been trying for a baby for about 6 months now without any success. I know doctors normally tell you you should be trying at least a year before seeing a doctor about it, but for us time is precious. I write this, because my husband is now 46 and we both dont wanna waste any more of his time. So we went to our GP straight away and my husband had a sperm count taken, which didnt come out too bad, but his sperm mobility was quite bad, Unfortunately our GP couldnt interpret the sperm count fully as she didnt have enough experience with it, but apparently the main problem is the percentage of my husband's rapidly motile sperms, which came out only at 15 %, while over 25 % is considered normal. So far I only had blood tests taken to check on my hormons, but apparently everything is fine. Im 25, generally got regular cycles and got pregnant before in a different relationship 4 years ago, but decided to have a termination then. I have been told that shouldnt have caused me any future problems, so I believe my fertitlity is ok. Also my husband has had 3 kids before with a different partner, but that was more then 20 years ago. In the years between he hasnt quite lived a healthy life, smoking , bad diet and so on. Since we got together 2 years ago, he changed to a healthy way of life, quit smoking and is now very fit. Nevertheless the GP suggested that aging might be the plain cause for his worse sperm quality now. So my question is basically is there anyone over 40 who has/had a similar problem? Are the chances really that low for a man over 40 to become a father again? We only recently got married and for us there was always clear that we wanted a child together.We thought it would happen straight away, but I think as most of you will have experienced the hopes fade with every cycle. Since we had his result back we cant help being depressed and scared it might never happen. I probabaly wouldnt be so impatient, if we were both in our 20's, but for us its also a question of how much time my husband will be able to spend with his child, when I finally do get pregnant. And as you may know all these worries dont really help conceiving. Our doctor has referred us to a fertility clinic at the beginning of May, but we havent heard nothing from them yet. So right now its just waiting and Im feeling incredibly helpless and just see one big clock ticking and running... Does it make sense to go back to the GP and ask if they can progress the whole thing or give us at least a telephone number of the clinic to ask about an appointment ourselves? Or do we really have to wait for them to contact us and if so, how long would that take?
Id be thankful for any tipps or just some similar experiences!

Thank you



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Wednesday, June 4th 2008, 11:48pm

Hi Peony,

Welcome to fz xxx
I am sorry I dont have any answers regarding the age factor for you x
But just wanted to say the referal process can take a little while.
When we were refered it took about one month for the apointment to arrive .
I cant speak for your clinic as no doubt some will have better admin than others but I found chasing them certainly can get it moving along at least.
I think it is worth finding out from your gp which clinic you have been refered to.
At least this way you can follow up with them to see if they have recieved the gps letter , beleive it or not mine took two weeks just to dicate and post it !.

I wish you lots of luck x
I hope you feel settled in here real soon , its a wonderful place and everyone is so supportive and nice xxx
P.s it might be a bit quiet at this time of night but hopefully tommorow , girls in a simlar situation will be along to give you some advice

Also just to say on your sperm questions there is a thread above this one where we have a sperm scientist who can answers questions for you the link is here 'Life in the Lab' - for all sperm questions!

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Thursday, June 5th 2008, 4:35am

Hi Peony and welcome to FZ.

Not my area of experience I'm afraid but I'm sure one of the other members will be along to help and advise.

Good luck


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  • "Peony" started this thread

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Thursday, June 5th 2008, 5:18pm

Thanks Holly for the link! Found some answers there. Im now gonna try to get a copy of my husbands test results in detail from the GP to ask the sperm scientist for some better interpretation of it. Perhaps the result is not that dramatically bad after all. Id still prefer conceiving the natural way!

As for the referal, weve already waited 5 weeks now, so I think Im gonna have to bother the GP a bit. This is what makes it so hard isnt it, they just leave you with it and cant even give you proper information on everything. Im originally from Germany and moved to the UK two years ago and Im still surprised how complicated the health system here is. Everything just takes so long, even little things like blood tests have to be taken in a seperate appointment and send off, so you have to wait for a result up to 2 weeks...
Im really glad I found this forum to find some answers :smile: and put my mind a little bit at ease (cant take many more sleepless nights :sadface:).

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Tuesday, August 12th 2008, 3:39pm

Bit late replying to this thread but just thought I'd add that my dad was 52 when I was born and 58 when my brother was born! So age isn't always a problem for a man! Please don't think its impossible for a man to be a father after 40 - me and my brother are proof to the contrary.

Being young isn't a guarantee of fertility either. My DH2b is 25 and has a low sperm count.

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