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Thursday, March 27th 2008, 8:45pm

Newbie trying for #2

Hi girls :-)

My name is Amanda. I am 32 and have a beautiful 3 year old son who took a loooong time to conceive, 6 years plus to be exact. My husband and i had 'unexplained infertility'.

Went through 2 IUIs that never worked then Clomid. 2 months of Clomid which made me produce multiple eggs and was told to have a break and re-start on a lower dosage. In the month off i fell pregnant. Hospital claim it was a natural conception, i say no way...the Clomid must have done something even though i have always ovulated like clockwork.

We have used no contraception since we originally started ttc in 1998.

Now would like a sibling for my son and don't know what options are available.

Is it correct that the NHS will not fund secondary infertility if you already have a natural child together?

I have sourced Clomid on the internet and i am thinking of ordering it and taking it but i realise that this would be risky without the scans etc.

Anyone in a similar situation? Help! :rolleyes:

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Thursday, March 27th 2008, 10:12pm

hi newbie

hi amanda

denise here
i am also in secondry infertility been trying for two yrs with db
i dont know about the questions you are asking sorry but im sure somebody else will know and be able to help you but i thought id give you a nice welcome and a hug :cuddle

from de

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Friday, March 28th 2008, 1:34pm

Hi Amanda and welcome to FZ. I admire your perseverance of the 6 years it took for DS to arrive. I hope your journey for a second child isn't as long!

As for taking clomid that you can get on the internet, I say *no, do not do it*. I have never taken clomid, but I know enough from the clomid moderators to know that it is very dangerous to do that. It can come across as a very mild drug, but it really isn't, especially because you produced multiple eggs and had to lower your dose. It is true that you cannot get NHS funding for fertility treatment if you already have a child, but surely you can go back to your GP and ask if you can have some more clomid?
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Thursday, April 3rd 2008, 9:16am

Hi Amanda - I agree about the Clomid. I'm actually against taking any form of meds unless absolutely necessary and prescribed by a Dr / Consultant as essential. It's worth spending the £100 for a private consultation...believe me.

I am also a victim of secondary infertility. Have Joe who's 9 (natural!), Dan who's 3 (ICSI) and just started 2nd attempt to expand family. I'm pretty sure you won't get help. I'm from Leicester and we were told that as we already had a child naturally no financial help would be offered to us. It cost £5k last time and just over £4k. It is worth sacrificing stuff to save, but I guess I can say that as ICSI worked for me first time around...

Hope things go well. Let us know how you get on thumbup

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Thursday, April 3rd 2008, 12:43pm

Update - Went to the GP yesterday.

She advised that she can prescribe Clomid but as i produced multiple eggs last time she would rather take advice from the Fertility Speciailist who treated me at the hospital.

She is writing to him to ask whether he is happy for the GP to prescribe or whether he wants to see me through his clinic so as i can be scanned in conjunction with the Clomid.

She said this wouldn't be denied as Clomid costs less than blood pressure tablets and it would only be the more intrusive methods i.e. ICSI, IVF that would be denied as we already have a biological child together.

Woo-hoo :D



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Saturday, April 5th 2008, 6:56pm

Hi Amanda, I have heard that some health authoritys can do IUI on the NHS even if you have a child already conceived naturally, this is something I'm going to ask my Gynacologist when I see him next week, my DH and I have like you been trying to conceive for 3 years and have a DD who is 4 next week. I have had 3 rounds of clomid but the problem is with DH, he had a varicocele which is common in secondary infertility. It took 6 months to get preggers 1st time, I think we were very lucky that time. Will get results of DH recent SA after correction of varicocele. Good luck with your TTC journey!