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Monday, October 8th 2007, 8:46pm

First IUI

Hi there .. this is my first post on here so bear with me ..

After nearly 3 years of TTC and having been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, I'm due to start my first cycle of IUI treatment with what seems like an endless amount of drugs..which 1) seems dauting enough as I dont like taking anything for a headache.. 2) these seem pretty scary steroid drugs (dexamethasone). I feel like I just left the junior league and have leapt up to play with the big guns..

My drug regime consists of dexamethasone, norethisterone, buserelin nasal spray and Puregon. Would love to hear from someone whose been on a similar regime .. if only to put my mind at rest and let me know what to expect !!

Any advice gratefully received..



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Monday, October 8th 2007, 8:58pm

Hi and welcome to the site, I am sure one of the IUI girls will be around soon to help.

If I can help with the site in anyway, just shout. There is a thread here which runs through the basics NEWBIES - AN INTRODUCTION


Have we supported you? Can you support us?


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Monday, October 8th 2007, 9:04pm

Hi . Sorry I can't answer your questions but just wanted to say welcome.

ttc since July 06. 8 cycles of clomid. BFP on cycle 5 (Dec 07) ended in m/c at 9.5 weeks. Second BFP on cycle 8 (May 08)



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Monday, October 8th 2007, 11:46pm

Hiya :wave:

Soz no advice im affraid, haven't started my IUI journey yet (still waiting for our appointment so we can get the ball rolling again) We to are classed as 'unexplained infertility' :rolleyes: frustraiting isn't it X( :(

Will be keeping eveything crossed IUI works first time for you xfingers

:goodluck: with your journey xfingers



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Tuesday, October 9th 2007, 5:42am

:wave: Hi hun and welcome to :FZ: everyone on her are really nice and very friendly and supportive you will soon settle in, As you can see by my forum i had 6 funded iuis 4 with clomid and 2 without but sadly they all failed, I can say though that i aint ever heard of the drugs your on so i am sorry but i cant give you any advice on them. We are also classed as "Unexplained Infertility" so i really understand how frustrating it can be because your always wondering and asking alot of questions to why you are not or aint got pregnant, When do you test i shall have my fingers crossed xfingers for you both :goodluck: Hun keep us all posted take care nicky xxx

Ps We are hoping to start IVF very soon.

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Tuesday, October 9th 2007, 7:28am

Hi good luck with everything

ME 32
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Lap & Dye 07 very mild endo
6 clomid cycle's 100mg all :BFN:

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Tuesday, October 9th 2007, 6:38pm

Hello Geordie

Welcome to FZ!

I had IUI but only had Norethisterone (to bring on period before you start taking the Buserelin - very unfair having two periods in little over 3wks! but hopefully that was the last you have for a while ...); Buserelin Nasal Spray at 8am, 12noon, 4pm, 8pm and 2 sniffs before bedtime and the injection drug of which the name escapes me! Plus of course the injection to release the eggs when your follicles are at the right size!

Speaking personally, I did find the symptoms hard but as I am now on the other side of IUI as my 2nd cycle of IUI was successful, I can't speak highly enough of IUI. We had "unexplained fertility" and my Cons said - after pregnancy was confirmed - that IUI was the chance to get the sperm further up the pipes to the egg as they knew every test showed we were compatible but just needed that extra injection of energy to get it to its destination - well that was her explanation anyway! If you do a search in the IUI to May-June 07 you will see how I got on with my IUI drugs. I think memory has clouded the hard bits as now I see IUI in flashing lights and tinsel! My 1st cycle of IUI was abandoned as had too many follicles and the Cons didn't want to risk Multiple Pregnancy in my case coz of my underactive thyroid.

So I wish you both lots of luck, PMA and babydust for your IUI cycle - how many are you able to have? When do you start your first cycle?

xxx Lorraine xxx

Me: 39 & DH: 42 ~ TTC: 5yrs; M/c@7.5wks (20/1/03) & became a mum after our 2nd IUI attempt in June 2007 to 6lbs 4ozs baby girl called Rebecca after an emergency caesarean section at 6.29am on 12th March 2008

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Tuesday, October 9th 2007, 7:46pm

Thanks everyone for a great welcome .. it's nice to have a place where you can post any worries or vent your frustrations. My DH is quite patient but I dont think he truly undertands what he's let himself in for ... The consultant said that as soon as I start my drugs he should head off to the garden shed and stay there !!! So he's waiting for the time where Im screaming and shouting and my head turns 360 degrees !!! LOL

Well Friday is day the when I kick start my IUI drugs ... so I will keep you posted !!

We're able to have between 3-5 cycles of treatment but we're also on the waiting list for IVF but I think its a long waiting list.

Good luck to everyone

Sarah xxxx

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Tuesday, October 9th 2007, 9:15pm

Good luck with it all!
Me 42 DP 40
TTC 3yrs
IVF Oct 07 and Jan 08 - both poor response & converted to IUI - BFN
May 08, Aug 08 and Oct 08 natural :BFP: m/c at 6, ,5 and 9 weeks :sadface:
May 09 another shock natural :BFP: Perfect little boy born 12 feb 2010.

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Wednesday, October 10th 2007, 5:56am

:wave:hi sarah
wishing u lots of luck with your IUI cycle [zx189]
laura [zx212]
me 34 dh 37 [zx178]

3 x icsi all neg :sadface:
but trying au natural after hearing good news xfingers



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Friday, October 12th 2007, 6:33pm

Hi Sarah,

I'm in a similar situation. We have unexplained infertility and are just about to start our first IUI cycle (in a couple of weeks). It is so hard not to have answers especially when so many of those around me seem to get pregnant just by thinking about it. I am feeling quite positive that this is the start of what I (and you) are waiting for - it's an exciting time. Keep us posted on how you get on because it would be good to compare notes.


Me 32 DH 36 | TTC 2+ yrs | Unexplained infertility | 1st IUI cycle started 1st Nov 2007 :BFN:

  • "Geordie249" started this thread

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Friday, October 12th 2007, 7:38pm

Hi Sarah

Well I've taken my first dose of Norethisterone and Dexamethasone - no real side effects as such apart from I did have a few hot flushes this afternoon, but I dont know if this just me thinking about the possible side effects or it was because I was particular manic at work!!

I start sniffing with the buserelin nasal spray on Sunday..

I know what you mean about others being pregnant - my work colleague confided in me she was 6 weeks pregnant and Im really happy for her but I cant help feeling a little envious .. esp. as they werent apparently TTC..

Ah well .. it will soon be all our turns .. so am trying to stay positive and this might just be the little "push" DH's little swimmers need ;)

Likewise with you - keep me posted with your progress

Take care
S xx



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Friday, October 12th 2007, 7:45pm


It sounds as if I'll be taking different drugs to you. I guess they are the same hormones, just different trade names - Superfact and Menopur (I can't remenber the others). There's no nasal spray involved - it's all injections until ovulation.

I'll be lagging behind you by a couple of weeks, but will let you know when things get going.

Good luck - I have my fingers crossed for you!


Me 32 DH 36 | TTC 2+ yrs | Unexplained infertility | 1st IUI cycle started 1st Nov 2007 :BFN: