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Tuesday, October 6th 2009, 7:49pm

Donor sperm (for Paul if possible)

Hi Paul

You really helpfully responded to a previous post I put on and wondered whether you could help again.

I have just had my first attempt at IVF which did not work. We used the frozen sperm of a friend which is of less than optimu quality. I haven't had a review yet so don't know in detail what they found when they thawed it but was wondering whether the clinic would use a fresh sample with any future attempt. (The approariate HIV etc tests were done before and after the 6 month freezing time). The sperm doesn't survive freezing well but is ok pre freeze hence thinking about what other options may be available.

Also, I am 38, have an FSH of 5.2, a BMI of 32 (I know rather high) and was given 375 of menopur (I have no known fertility problems but have PCO appearance). I only stimulated for 7 days and the dose was reduces to 225 after 5 days (first scan). I started my period just 7 days after embryo transfer. I am hoping my review will provide some answers to what may have gone wrong. I am scared they will say my eggs are rubbish but would only 7 days of stimulation have given them enough chance to develop properly? What should I be asking at the review?

Thanks for your help

Michelle x

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Tuesday, October 6th 2009, 10:09pm

RE: Donor sperm (for Paul if possible)

Hi Fizza.

The current HFEA recommendations are that, even using a friend as donor, that friend has to be registered in the same way, and fulfill all the requirements of a formal donor. This applies to the necessary screening and safety tests. I feel that it is unlikely, in this time of health and safety pressures, that your clinic would be prepared to use sperm that has not been through the standard quarantining process. You could ask them. There are new guidelines in the process of being published by the HFEA and it is unlikely that these conditions will be relaxed, but you could always ask the clinic for their opinion. I can see your difficulties, as frquently I have found that even some quite good sperm samples did not like the chemistry of the freezing process, and always survived poorly. When I was running my DI clinic in Liverpool 10 years ago, I frequently had the same problem when using known donors.

Presumably the scan indicated that in just those 7 days of stimulation there was an adequate response but clearly the cycle did not continue as expected, as your period started so soon after embryo replacement.
You do need to talk about this with both the medical staff and the embryologists. IVF stimulation drugs create an abnormal situation and many women do not respond well, either in all their cycles, or in some of them only. This is more to do with the stimulation regime not agreeing with their hormonal physiology, so that each cycle is a trial and error process. But it can't necessarily be put down to your having poor eggs overall. Your unit needs to review this and replan for the next attempt. Despite your age and your BMI you should be capable of producing adequate egg quality given the correct (for you) stimulation protocol.

Good luck with this.

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