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Wednesday, September 30th 2009, 10:59pm

SA Results - is it worth a second chance???

Hi Everyone,

Me and DF have been trying for about 5 yrs now, we had our first ICSI in July and I had a 16 eggs taken from me on EC, 11 of which were mature enough to fertilise, DF's sperm was taken on the day but not good enough to use however luckily we had some frozen. the hospital used the frozen sperm and rang us later that day to say they were very poor quality and unlikely to work....sure enough they rang the next day to confirm non had fertilised. At our follow up appointment the consultant and embryologist advised us against using DF sperm in ICSI again as it was unlikely to work ever! they are now pushing us to using donor which we dont want to do at this stage.

Please can you look through the results and see what you think, if there is a small chance we would conceive it would be well worth us giving this another go....
1st swim up
volume 5.0ml
duration of abstinence 3 days
ph 8.0
greatly increased viscosity
density (x10^6/ml) 16
motility (0%)
total motile count (x10^6) 0
progression (/4) 0
abnormals 66%
agglutination 0%
red cells (x10^6/ml) 0

2nd swim up
volume 4.4ml
duration of abstination 4 days
ph 8.0
slightly increased viscosity
density (x10^6/ml) 18
motility 6%
total motile count (x10^6) 4.7
abnormals 70%
agglutination 0%
red cells (x10^6/ml)39

The amount was normally 20-22 million in each sample.

Please help, any advice would be much appreciated.

Tia xx
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Started ICSI 12th June 2009, 16 eggs, 11 mature, all injected but none fertilised due to poor sperm quality


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Saturday, October 3rd 2009, 12:42am

RE: SA Results - is it worth a second chance???

Hi Tia,

If you have read around the posts on FZ you will have seen couples where even just a very few (10-20) non-motile sperm recovered from the testicle and used for ICSI, have produced pregnancies.

The whole point of ICSI is that it can achieve fertilisation with amazingly low counts and quality of sperm. However we often don't know why some ICSI cycle get good fertilisations rates and others don't. Whilst it is so disappointing to have recovered so many eggs then to have such a poor fertilisation response, there are also lots of stories of zero fertilisation rates in one cycle followed by a much better rate in a later cycle. So I don't feel that anyone can categorically say that you will never achieve embryos with DF's sperm.

However it will be feel difficult and risky trying again just with DF's sperm. But unless you feel more certain about the use of donor sperm (a very big decision) then this is what you must do.

Kind regards,

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