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Thursday, September 17th 2009, 2:02pm

100% abnormal forms and ICSI


My husband basically has oligoasthenoteratozoopsermia, so low count, low motility and unfortunately 100% abnormal forms. We're currently living in India and have been told by our clinic that even ICSI with 100% abnormal forms is not possible and I was just wondering whether this was true and if it wasn't is there any link between abnormal forms and genetic abnormalities?

My husband takes a massive concoction of supplements and is very healthy, ie low alcohol, fruit, veg, protein, no hot baths, cycling etc etc and has had ultrasounds to se if there was a blockage, which there isn't.

Thanks so much for any help/advice/feedback.

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Thursday, September 17th 2009, 3:15pm

100% abnormal forms

Hi Tink74,

My DH was showing 100% abnormal forms on his first sperm test. A later one showed a handful of normal forms. So I think you can get a variation from one test to another - so try not to panic.

When we first got our results I was pretty panicked about the abnormal forms thing and did some hunting around and I think they can still ICSI, but I think it depends on where in the process the sperm is being badly made. If it doesn't have all the necessary genes in there - then it won't work. But if that bit of the process is okay, then you still have a good chance with ICSI.

To be honest - I'm not an expert! You need Paul really, I'm sure he's warming up to type an answer any time. But just to reassure you, we had 100% abnormal forms and I'm currently 15weeks pregnant - with DH's sperm (unless there was some tragic mis-identification in the hospital - heaven forbid!) - so it CAN happen. Try not to panic just yet.

Welcome to FZ by the way. Hope you hang around, there's a lot of good info and support here.

With best wishes, Sarah xxx
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Thursday, September 17th 2009, 6:26pm

Hi Tink,Welcome to :FZ:

I am really sorry but I am unsure of the answer to your question , I agree with Sarah might be a question for Paul our resident Expert :smile:
I will let him know about your post and ask him to come and give you some advice
In the meantime here is some info to help you around the site.
There is a thread in this section, where us Male factor ladies have a natter
Please feel free to pop in for a chat

I hope you like it on here, we have very friendly and supportive members that are sure to make your TTC journey that little bit easier, I hope you feel right at home with us all soon.

Here are some links that you may find useful.

There is an abbreviations section HERE so you know what we're all going on about.

There is a ** GETTING STARTED - FZ FACTS, TIPS & HELP ** thread HERE this contains everything you need to know about getting started on FZ and a few guidelines too.

There is a ** NEW TO THE SITE? A BIT LOST? POST FOR HELP HERE!!! ** thread HERE where you can post any questions you have about how to use the site, a team member will answer you as soon as possible!

There is a how to search thread HERE so you can get the maximum benefit from the forum.

And finally!! Have you seen that lots of our members have fancy names in their signatures? If you’re interested in having something similar it’s really easy to do. Have a look HERE to choose a style. If there isn't one you like there, let us know the kind of thing you'd like and we'll try and create one for you.

Because the running of the site completely depends on the kindness of our members, we ask for a small donation in return for a sparkly name, which is explained HERE. Hang around a bit and get to know us before you decide if you'd like to support us!

If you have any questions about anything, just ask. :smile:

Wishing you lots of luck


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Thursday, September 17th 2009, 7:21pm

Hello Tink and welcome to FZ
My dh also had 0% normal forms on one of his SA'a but had two repeat tests which showed 4% and 1%. At least two SA's should be performed to get a proper indication as sperm production works on a cycle and so there can be very varying results.

We had ICSI and it worked too!

I'm sure that our lovely Paul will be along to explain it better.
Good luck, i hope it works out for you xfingers

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Thursday, September 17th 2009, 11:12pm

Hi therr just come across your thread

Its a devasting feeling finding out your DP has 0% normal forms, my DP had same long named diagnosed last may, he has had 3 tests now all with very different readings and the 1st test was def the worst, all were under 5% normal forms but we have had icsi and we have been lucky.

Sperm test do vary sometimes considerably, my DP improved as he was made redundant from his driving job.

Out of my 9 eggs, 4 fertilised and 3 are frosted now

Good luck on your ttc journey, be brave through your tears i know how hard it is

Michelle xxx
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