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Monday, August 24th 2009, 2:50pm

2nd lot of clomid now


i have just been back to see my consultant and he has given me another 6 months supply but upped the dosage. Not sure wether its helping or not and its hard not too see things from a really negative point at the moment. anyone else in same boat?

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Monday, August 24th 2009, 5:23pm

RE: 2nd lot of clomid now

Hi Erin,

In order to decide if Clomid is working you need to bear in mind what it is meant to do. Clomid cannot of course get you pregnant but what it does do and should be doing can be observed and measured, jointly by yourself and the doctor. Clomid should give you a more regular and normal length cycle, with a normal luteal phase of around 12-15 days. It should also push your progesterone into the normal range(>30 nmol/L). If your previous dose was doing all of those things, then there is no advantage in increasing the dose, only disadvantages. These are the impact on your cervical mucus, which will tend to decrease in quality and quantity as the dose is increased, especially if your EWCM was not plentiful in the first place. Also on higher doses the chances of multiple ovulation and conception, and of losing all your babies are all increased.

If your original dose of Clomid is working and you feel that things are better than before you took Clomid, then you need to continue on this dose for another six months. If after that there is no hint of a pregnancy then this suggests that there may be more wrong than just your hormones. You need to be investigated further, both of you. So it is important to do these tests, otherwise you will never know.

If your original dose is not doing all or any of these things, then yes, increase this dose. But within two cycles you need to assess whether you are getting all the above benefits. If not then you may need to increase the dose again (but check with your consultant first as there may be reasons why this shouldn't happen). You can go up to 150 mg if need be. Occasionally to 200 mg. If the new dose is doing all it should do, then this is where you stay, monitoring its benefits by repeating the progesterone every three months. If the maximise dose is still not doing its job (especially not giving you an adequate progesterone) then there is no advantage in taking Clomid, and you need to consider other approaches.

That is the logic of using Clomid. To spend (possibly waste) 12 months taking a drug that is not making you more fertile, when your own observations and a couple of serum progesterone assays can so easily show whether this is the case or not, is foolish. Clomid should not be used just as a placebo. You need to think about how you can get some information about what is really happening.

Kind regards, and good luck.

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Friday, August 28th 2009, 11:14am

Have you had CD21 bloods or tracking scans?

CD 21 bloods will be able to tell you whether you have oculated or not. If you have then the clomid is working, if not then this could be why the cons has upped your dose.

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