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Friday, July 24th 2009, 8:06pm

question for Paul

Hi Paul

Posted this question to the sperm scientist and she suggested to ask you.

I am about to start a cycle of IVF with the donated sperm of a friend. The sperm was originally tested in a scotish clinic which would not accept him as a donor due to the problem post thaw. However, he has generously agreed to be my donor and my clinic have said that I could try ICSI. He has donated 5 vials and there is a small 6th as well.

The results from the scottish clinic are as follows:

Volume 4.9 ml
Density 33.7 x 106/ml
% motility/progression 67%, A/B
Total motile 110.6 x 106

Post-thaw, 5.3.07:

Volume 0.7 ml
Density 5.4 x 106/ml
% motility/progression 27%, A/B
Total motile 1.0 x 106

Apparently the quality of the donation in my clinic was much better but they have not performed a thaw test as they said it was probably not a very good use of the sperm.

Is there a chance that it might thaw better the second time and do you think it is worth asking for them to thaw the 6th vial to assess its quality for ICSI/IVF. I am worried that I will go through the stress and expense and find that the quality is so poor and consequently the chances very slim.

Also, how poor are the post thaw results?

Thanks so much in advance.

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Friday, July 24th 2009, 9:49pm

RE: question for Paul

Hi to you, and welcome to FZ.

The starting point of the Scottish sample was adequate and the post thaw survival, at 42%, is not too terrible, somewhere between 55% and 75% being ideal. I am surprised that the sperm concentration (density) went down so much (33.7 to 5.4) in the freezing process, I always used a 50:50 mix of semen and freezing solution.

However having 1 million motile sperm in the vial is again adequate, as these sperm, having survived the freeze/thaw process, are good, hardy sperm.

Although the Clinic are going to use ICSI, where good motility is less crucial than for standard IVF, I still feel that it would be wise to thaw out the sixth vial so you are all forewarned as to what to expect on the day of egg collection. Presumably if there is a major problem your donor would be prepared to donate again for you, before your treatment cycle starts?

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