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Thursday, July 9th 2009, 9:58pm

21st day tracking scan, confussed

[zx037]Hi girlz, me again!
I have my 20th day tracking scan tomorrow & maybe bloods (as 21st day is sat) but a little confussed to wot they are looking for?! Had 13th day scan last friday (again as 14th scan day landed on a sat) and they said my womb lining was around 7 & 1/2mm and 2 of my follices were larger than others but not big enough to indicate that i had ovulated, although it might be as scan was a day early and might still ovulate.
Is this a good sign or am i just clutching at straws? This is my 1st month on Clomid so a little confussed :innocent: with the whole thing to be honest.
If any of you's could shed a little light that would be great
Thanx Toni x

Jun-Nov 09 100mg Clomid all :BFN:
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Tuesday, July 21st 2009, 8:09pm

RE: 21st day tracking scan, confussed


I'm not 100% sure what they are scanning for, at CD21, as the tracking scans are often done a bit earlier in the cycle, which you had on CD13. Maybe they are scanning you again, to see if you are ovulating later in your cycle?

Did they do your bloods on CD20? This is likely to look at progesterone levels. They are usually carried out 7DPO, although if you ovulate later than CD14, the timing of these bloods may beed to be adjusted accordingly.
They usually like to see a level of over 30, to indicate a satisfactory ovulation.