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Wednesday, May 27th 2009, 8:35am

sterilisation reversal v IVF

Hi everyone, I was on here about 6 years back and had great advice so thought id come back.

I had a really bad time having my son and it was a code 1 (mother and baby at risk of dying) my son was delivered 3 months early, placenta previa and my womb tore. I was told the only drug that could stop me bleeding to death hadnt yet been authorised so i had to sign paper work to say my family had no come back on the hospital if anything went wrong. In theatre they cut me open and I felt everything it turned out that this drug counteracted epidural and morphine. It hadnt been tested properly but it saved my life. I was pressured by my husbnd and specialist to get sterilized a few months later which after my ordeal I was terrified of getting pregnant again.

My husband left not long after. I have now met a new partner who has no children and is desperate for us to have 1 of our own.

I went to the doctors asked to be referred to my specialist so I can first check if its safe for me to have another child and also to discuss sterilisation reversal etc, this was 2 months ago and ive still not heard anything.

Could anyone give me any advice on which seems to be the most effective treatment Ivf or reversal, also what tends to be the rough cost? Im pretty sure im going to have to go private.

any help appreciated.



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Wednesday, May 27th 2009, 5:26pm

RE: sterilisation reversal v IVF

Hi Trixiebell, welcome to the TA section!

First of all I'd chase your referral! Was your GP going to do it? Maybe phone the practice and ask when it was sent. Then perhaps check with the hospital to see if it arrived.

You probably will have to have private treatment - IF treatment is rarely available to those who already have a child/children.
In terms of cost for IVF - it varies from clinic to clinic. Perhaps phone a couple of clinics near to where you live and ask for their information packs to be sent to you, or google them and look at their websites. Success rates also vary depending on a number of issues e.g. age but I think the 'average' is 1 in 3 cycles - about 30ish%.

I don't know much about sterilisation reversal success rates or the cost but hopefully someone will pop along who does.

Wishing you lots of luck.


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