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Saturday, May 9th 2009, 4:21pm

when clomid kicks in - alternative months?


I think I have heard this before, and just came across this in another post - does clomid take time (meaning 1 cycle) to kick in?

Is it better to take it in alternative months?

My consultant also said that if it doesnt work after 3 cycles, there is no point in continuing (meaning go straight into IVF) - any thoughts on that?




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Sunday, May 10th 2009, 5:30pm

RE: when clomid kicks in - alternative months?


It can take time to get the dosage of clomid right, with most women starting on 50mg. Some will need to increase their dose, and so it can take a few months to get the doasge right, and a woman ovulating regularly.
However, some women ovulate on their 1st cycle, and some will get their bfp's within this 1st cycle!
However, many women don't get a bfp in the 1st cycle, even if they have ovulated within the 1st cycle of taking clomid, it can take several cycles.

Most women take clomid in consecutive months, and once they have started ovulating, will continue on this dose.
I'm not sure about the comment about it not working after 3 cycles! I got my bfp, with my son, on my 5th cycle, and lots of ladies on here have got their bfp's after quite a few cycles.
However, as your cons knows your medical history, is he suggesting 3 cycles, in relation to this/the reason you have been prescribed clomid, and trying the clomid, before moving onto IVF?

I do think it can vary, between clinic/dr, as to how long they will prescribe clomid for, some will prescribe it for 6 cycles, some up to 12, and I've read/heard of some who will prescribe it for even longer.