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Thursday, February 19th 2009, 11:16pm

Blokes - Lifestyle Changes and Results

Hi everyone,

This is my first post. My wife and I have been through 2 failed attempts. I was told in September 2006 that I had a low sperm count. Quite bluntly I was advised that I drank too much by Monklands Hospital. I was pretty annoyed by this as I was by no means a drunk and pointed out that I did not exceed the limits on the poster by a great deal.

To boot we were not informed about IVF and our suitability until I mentioned it could be self funded. Secondly we were only advised about the Nuffield in Glasgow, conincidently the hospital that the consultant worked privately at! Funny eh?

Anyway, failed 1st cycle. 2nd cycle at Glasgow RI started in Sept. 2008.

I decided that I would make some lifestyle changes, which would included weight loss, better diet and excercise... oh, and just to make sure... cut out alcohol completely for a minimum of 3 months. I started this on 4/1/2008. By mid April 2008 I booked a test in preparation to start new cycle.

Ok, I've got my weight down from 15' 4lb to 14' 2lb, no alcohol... loads of fruit... swimming 5x a week... Test results... drum roll...

Down. What? How can it be freaking down? Results as follows:


4 million per ml - was 12m/p/ml
A) 20%
B) 28%
Above 2 makes 48% motile
C) 0%
D) 52%

HOWEVER, went to see consultant this week and found out that in September 2008 when we went through the last cycle my count was as follows:

24 million per ml
A) 33%
B) 4%
C) 9%
D) 54%

Now, consultant says that the results in April were not showing the effects of my lifestyle change becasue I need to give at least 110 days to see any real results and this would result in progressive improvements.

Anyway, since middle of December 2008 I have lost a further 9lbs (13.5 stone) and stayed off the drink. I have taken up running and up to 10K and run short runs 3 nights a week.

Also since Dec 2008 I have been visiting a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. I cook herbs daily and take in the morning and evening and 1 acupuncture session a week. Apparently this will banance my Yin and Yan and clear my kidneys of any infection naturally, which has a direct affect on heat generated around the genital area.

In fairness, I am a guy that is always hot and sweaty, no not smelly. But since starting the treatment my feet have been freezing and so have my wee guys! My wife is pretty amazed, even though my bed socks are not very fetching!

I read online that this works... there are many research articles claiming proof... although I am slightly scepticle. Consultant at GRI merely asked if it worked for me... "yea, herbs taste revolting and of course I feel relaxed after 30 mins of doing nothing with needles in me". He said fine. I could tell though, he thinks its all rubbish!

Yep, I am going to that special room in GRI, the one where I always feel guitly when I leave, and no matter how much I wash my hands, don't want to touch anything... of course, flushing the loo with my elbow. Ladies, you would think they would give you a bag that was not transparent to carry your pot in! Like want the whole world to know what I have been up to!!!

Yes, I have high hopes for my efforts to make a change to my count and hopefully my missus won't have to endure the drugs and me stabbing here every evening with a needle.

If you want an update I'll post it here in a week or two, once I have prised the info from GRI.




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Friday, February 20th 2009, 3:55pm

RE: Blokes - Lifestyle Changes and Results

Hey Rich, great post and how refreshing to hear a guys point of view.

Well done for doing all that alternative treatment, you're rather brave.
My DH has just started to curb his alcohol intake and eat a bit better tho I think he might have left it a bit late, we start our treatment in a few weeks. But from what you say, it may not make much difference anyway. I did buy him some of these Maca herb tablets tho, read on here that its meant to increase sperm count...oh, and libido.

Good luck at the clinic.

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Sunday, February 22nd 2009, 5:45pm

:smile: Well done you for making such an effort, and good luck with the SA, my OH is taking sooo many supplements to help his SA I swear he rattles!!!

Fingers crossed for you, I know it takes time for the changes to show. MY OH goes this friday for his SA.
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Nov 09 laparotomy to remove ovary
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Cant afford more tx :-(




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Sunday, February 22nd 2009, 6:24pm

Hi and well done on your weight loss.

I think A, B and C are 'types' of sperm, like moving ones, the ones without tails, normal ones etc. if you see what I mean.

Good luck with your tx.

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Friday, March 20th 2009, 2:39pm

Hi Richard, be interested to know how you got on! You sound as if you've put in an amazing amoutn of effort and hope you reap the benefits in your next test! Fingers and everything else crossed for you!
Tracy x

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