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Monday, September 8th 2008, 3:33pm


I know some of you have seen the safety regulations for clomid... but i thought id best bring them out of archive for our new clomid ladies!!!

The Rules!!!

1. Under no circumstances make any important decisions whilst riding the clomid rollercoaster, minstrels versus malteasers should be the biggest decision you should allow yourself to make.

2. Whilst riding this rollercoaster, please keep your hands and feet to yourself, persons found to be punching or kicking others will be asked to leave the theme park by the management.

3. Height restrictions apply. All persons on rollercoaster must be tall enough to reach the choccie biccie tin that your dh may have inadvertantly placed on a high shelf.

4.PLease secure any loose clothing, jewellery or eyewear, as flying into the "clomid rage" part of the ride may cause these to become loose or to fall and the management accepts no responsibility to any damage to personal possesions.

5. Do not operate any machinary whilst partaking of the clomid experience, any tractor/forklift/road rage is not the responsibility of the management

6.Prior to entering this ride, the management recommends all dvd's such as pretty woman, city of angels, pay it forward, and/or any other tear inducing material be removed from your possesion for the duration of the ride.

7. Coldplay/the smiths cd's are strictly prohibited, as are all other musical artists who fall under the genre "music to self harm to".

8.Your husband doesnt understand you now, nor will he understand you whilst on the clomid rollercoaster.Don't expect him to. Always remember, the day a man understands a woman........ we've lost!

9.Men do not find the sight of a positive ovulation predictor pee stick arousing, waving it in his face whilst shouting " get ur kit off i need your love juice!" is not a recognised form of foreplay.

10.This is a scary ride, be brave it won't last forever!!!!

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Monday, September 8th 2008, 4:09pm


Thanks for that !! so funny!!
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Monday, September 8th 2008, 6:20pm

lmao that takes me back!

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Monday, September 8th 2008, 6:25pm

Fantastic aren't they rotf

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Tuesday, September 23rd 2008, 9:45am


That is excellent! I know whats coming now!!

I'm gonna print it off and give it to DH so he knows what to expect when I start it!!!

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