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Thursday, January 22nd 2009, 9:26am

New here - sterilisation reversals?

Hi everyone, I am new here and I am looking for any advice or stories on female sterilisation reversals.

I have 2 gorgeous children aged 8 and 6, they were both born by c-section and I wonder if this will affect my chances of having a reversal done?

I was sterilised at the age of 28 (now 32), at the moment I am trying to lose weight and get into shape, sort my cycles out and look into reversals.

I am particulary interested in having the reversal done by laparoscope rather than a large cut and have been trying to find info out about a surgeon in Cardiff that does this method.

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.




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Thursday, January 22nd 2009, 10:58am


I dont have any advise as such for u hun .... but i do know that the earlier u get it done, the more sucessful it is.... (so i have been told) I would love to have mine reversed - but it was over 15 yrs ago that i had mine done ... i was told by a private Dr that we were better off going for IVF rather than pay to get reversed when it might not even be sucessful - we have tried IVF 3 x times now, our last one was sucessful but i sadly miscarried 3 weeks ago when i was 8 wks pg ...

I would love to have a reversal, to have a chance to 'try' every mth, but with the cost of the reversal, and the waiting list, and also my age - i think we mite be better off just going to IVF #4 ....

Let me know how u get on and if u do have the reversal ...

Good Luck blowkiss

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Thursday, January 22nd 2009, 11:45am

Hi Jody

I really looked into this after my 4th failed IVF attempt, as Becs says the earlier you have it done the better. We decided against it because it is such a major op with no guarantee of success... although this was the full blown op not laparoscopy - I don't think there are many surgeons over here that do it, loads in the States though. Also my age was against me in terms of conceiving naturally again anyway even after a reversal.

We decided to go for another round of IVF and as you can see it worked and I am 24 weeks pregnant.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


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Sunday, January 25th 2009, 8:49pm

RE: New here - sterilisation reversals?

hi there. i have some imformation on this subject because on march 19th of this year i am booked in to have the reversal done!
i have 3 gorgeous girls, maria 8, leah 6, and ella 4 and after having ella i thought that was enough and booked myself in to be sterilised 6 months after having her, so that was 2005.
i have been for the consultation in taunton, somerset, and the op is going to cost me £3120. consultation fee was £150. this price includes 3 nights stay in a private hospital in taunton.
i have been given an 85% chance of conceiving.
if you did want any further info on this, let me know.
take care and good luck
jo :bye: