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Saturday, September 27th 2008, 6:48pm

DPs Diet Plan

Hi all,

Many of you have replied to my post 'miracles do happen' in 'general fertility'. Thank you so much for your kind words!! I have e-mailed quite a few people about DPs 2 month diet plan to raise his motility and vitality from 4% which you'll probably agree is low. We have yet to receive his second SA since starting this diet but am sure this is what did the trick as we are now expecting a baby in June. I will keep you all updated when we get his results next week and hopefully this will come in handy:

Well first of all i did alota internet researching and found out which foods contained the most zinc, vit E and vit C. We researched the maximum a person should take in one day of each of these and kept them below this figure.

(approx 50mg of zinc a day) 2 x 15mg of zinc supplement taken in the morning and the evening. The rest was made up of seafood (oysters are a fantastic source!), red meat, poultry, bread, cereal.

(approx 800 iu of vitamin e a day) 1 - 2 x 400 iu of vitamin e supplement taken in the morning (and the evening if a second tablet is taken) If DP took just 1 tablet we would make sure he'd eaten alot of vitamin E that day and if not he would have 2 tablets instead. Other sources included Hovis Wheatgerm bread, of which he ate 2 slices as part of his lunch a day. Sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, brocolli were also added to his lunch and dinner.

Vitamin C - DP drank lots of fresh orange juice and ate fruit at least twice a day.

Folic acid - dp took 1 tablet a day.

Maca Root- Maca root is a herb from Peru you can buy in tablet form and studies have shown the quality of sperm increasing by 100%. We bought maca root from ebay! and they suggested 2 tablets a day.

** moderator edit: We do not advise buying any kind of supplements/vitamins from eBay **

In addition to this.....

When dp showered everyday after a nice warm shower he would soak his testicals (sorry if tmi) with cold water before getting out.

We also tried to switch his fruit to organic were possible to eliminate ddt.

He also started drinking decaf tea and stopped drinking coca cola due to the caffeine.

He kept drinking alcohol at a minimum and doesn't smoke anyway.

It was quite tough but we got into a routine with it. The tablets I think helped loads! and the food kinda just became normal and part of our weekly shop. He wasn't really cutting out food he liked, he was just replacing some of it with the foods mentioned above.

hope this helps you! I'm sure some parts are more effective than others but i couldn't tell you which!

DH poor motility-Excellent SA following change in diet

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Saturday, September 27th 2008, 6:51pm

P.S in the excitement of everything I said DPs progressive sperm was 7% in my post 'miracles do happen' when in fact it was 4%! xx ... also i meant to post this in the male fertility section :S
DH poor motility-Excellent SA following change in diet

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Saturday, September 27th 2008, 7:12pm

Thanks and Congrats once again. Will be interesting to see what his next SA shows. Enjoy your pregnancy.



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Sunday, September 28th 2008, 10:15am

fantastic news about your BFP and well done to your DP with sticking to that regime!
I will be very interested to hear the results of your next SA. When we saw our consultant about my DH's SA we were told that any changes he made to his lifestyle would not be reflected until 3 months had passed.


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Monday, September 29th 2008, 7:19pm

SA Update:

DP got in second SA results today and the dr said he was really shocked at the results! He said that looking at how different they are, our diet must have had some impact!. The first SA showed good count but very poor motility but the second shows an even better count and much better motility.

July SA:

Volume 4ml
PH 8.1
Motility 4% rapid progressive
4% slow or sluggish
28% non progressive
64% immotile
Vitality 36%
Count: 72 million per ml
Morphology 11%

September SA:

volume 4ml
PH 7.9
Motility 23% rapid proressive !!!
6% slow or sluggish
11% non progressive
60% immotile
Vitality 40%
count 100 million per ml !!!!
Morphology 11%

...So his rapid progressive sperm (sperm capable for getting to the egg and fertilising it) was 2.8 million per ml for the first SA and 23 million per ml for the second SA! That's over 20 million per ml more on his second SA!

DH poor motility-Excellent SA following change in diet