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Wednesday, September 17th 2008, 2:30pm

Sterilisation reversal

Hi all,
I am new to this site as I have been looking into having a reversal vs IVF. Is anyone able to tell me if they have had this done and how long the recovery is following? And what the success rate is for having a pregnancy after - I have read so many conflicting messages it is really confusing!
Also is there issues with lifestyle and weight etc as there is with IVF.
I am giving up smoking and although I have lost nearly 3 stone this year I do need to lose some more!!!! Would I still be considered if I am paying privately?
I have booked to see a consultant next week and am hoping that due to my sterilisation being done by clip method that there is some hope! Although this was done in 2001/2002 and I am now 37!
Advice would be appreciated!

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Wednesday, September 17th 2008, 2:54pm

:hello: and welcome to :FZ: Mimi

I can not answer your question about Sterilisation reversal, and although I have not been to a IVF Clinic, I believe that if weight, age and FSH levels do not fit in their criteria then they do not take you on. I suppose it depends on where you go. I know that they like to keep their statistics up so only treat people who has to best chance of success.

Hope I didn't scare you.
:goodluck: loads of babydust babydust and :sticky: jilly

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Wednesday, September 17th 2008, 2:57pm

Hi Mimi, I also cannot help u re sterilisation decision but wanted to welcome u as well. There is a member who had that decision to make and chose IVF, I will mention your thread in her diary.

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  • "mimi" started this thread

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Wednesday, September 17th 2008, 3:13pm

Thanks Angie and Spider!
I have chucked out the fags and the biscuits!!!! And am prepared for much hard work ahead!
It is both sad and encouraging reading others stories, especially when I made a choice that I now regret and others did not have the choice to begin with! :rolleyes:



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Wednesday, September 17th 2008, 3:24pm

Hi Mimi

Twas me who looked into it after 2 failed IVF attempts ... I had a private consultation (£150 ;() and was given about a 20-25% chance of it being successful, the op would have cost £3,600 and the recovery time after is long as its major abdominal surgery so we opted for another go at IVF and I am now 6 weeks pregnant :D

Its a tough decision but it was the recovery time that really swayed it for me, especially as there is no guarantee of it working plus it increases the risk of ectopic pregnancies due to the scar tissue.

I am not sure about the weight thing - sorry.

Good luck with whatever route you choose xx

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Wednesday, September 17th 2008, 3:35pm

Thanks Rae!
CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy - I wish you all well!!!!!! :happy:
It's a difficult decision to make! My dp has no children and I have 2 boys 15 and 13. It's the time thing too!!! I really do not understand IVF although I have been reading up on it. Some articles say if under 38 yrs then reversal is 90% successful - others say IVF is better!??

Confused to say the least! But like you say if the recovery time is massive then maybe IVF is the way forward?????????

Thanks for the advice




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Wednesday, September 17th 2008, 3:46pm

Hi and welcome to :FZ: mimi

I'm sorry I can't help with your reversal question question but I'm sure more people will be along soon.

I hope you like it on here, we have very friendly and supportive members that are sure to make your TTC journey that little bit easier, I hope you feel right at home with us all soon.

Here are some links that you may find useful.

There is a getting started on fertilityzone thread HERE this contains everything you need to know about getting started on FZ and a few guidelines too.

There is an abbreviations section HERE so you know what we're all going on about, I'm sure you'll soon get the hang of it.

There is a how to search section HERE so you can get the maximum benefit for the forum.

There is an IVF/ICSI section HERE so you can chat to other going through IVF/ICSI, there is tonnes of advice here too.

I have copied and posted something about your question about IVF and weight here -


Originally posted by Eeyore
We all have heard about the negative health effects of being overweight. This also is true for men and women when it comes to their fertility.

How to Know if You Are Overweight
Doctors use a calculation called a Body Mass Index (BMI) to quantify your weight categorically.

The BMI is figured by taking your body weight in kilograms and dividing it by your height in meters squared.

• BMI 19-25 = Healthy
• BMI 26-29 = Overweight
• BMI 30-39 = Obese
• BMI 40+ = Extremely Obese

Women who are classified as overweight, obese or extremely obese all have lower pregnancy rates in general, for a variety of reasons, and this can lead to issues with infertility. It should also be noted that polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a disorder that can impact fertility, is commonly associated with being overweight or obese.

It is important to note that a BMI that is too low (under 18 ) also can have fertility complications. Lower BMIs are associated with irregular or no menstrual cycles and problems with ovulation.

When it comes to fertility and infertility, studies have shown that a BMI higher than 32 for women is associated with lower conception rates when using assisted reproductive technologies, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). There is also a higher cycle cancellation rate in obese women. This is why reproductive endocrinologists often advise patients with higher BMIs to consider losing weight before undergoing fertility treatments.

There are other potential problems for women who are obese (BMI 30-39). Not only do they have higher complication rates in pregnancy, but the actual egg retrieval is more dangerous. As can be seen in the ultrasound images below, when a woman is significantly overweight, the ovaries are usually pushed up "high" - away from the top of the vagina by the extra fatty tissue that is in the pelvis. At the time of IVF, the needle is pushed in vaginally to reach the eggs in the ovaries. If the ovaries are too high, a needle can not be safely inserted into the follicles to get the eggs out.

Another problem is that the ultrasound images become very "fuzzy" from the extra tissue between the probe and the ovary. Therefore, it is often difficult to clearly visualize the ovaries and the egg-containing follicles. This is shown below - the ovary in the image on the right is very fuzzy and indistinct. This makes it difficult to properly measure the follicles in the ovaries, and can also make it hard to be sure where the needle tip is located at all times during the egg retrieval procedure (a potential safety issue).

IVF egg aspiration in progress. This woman has a normal body mass index (BMI of 24). Ovary circled in blue. Red line is top of vagina. Area between red and blue lines is tissue at top of vagina. Needle (at right side of image along white dots) is passed through the top of vagina to get the eggs out of the ovary. The ovary is "low" - on top of the vagina - where we want it for a safe, effective egg retrieval..

This woman is obese with a body mass index is 37. In her case, eggs can't be retrieved saely. Right ovary circled in blue. Red line is top of vagina. Area between red and blue lines is tissue at the top of the vagina, as well as fatty tissue and possibly bowel. Slicing through this tissue with the needle to get to the ovary (and eggs) is not safe. A complication could occur from damaging bowel, blood vessels, etc. The ovary here is "high" - well above the top of the vagina

Many articles report that obesity has a significant negative impact on the out come of pregnancy and the offspring. Obese women who become pregnant have an increased risk of hypertension; pregnancy related diabetes, urinary infections Caesarian sections and assisted delivery. In addition, the miscarriage rate was reported to be much higher in overweight women. Other studies have shown an increased incidence of Down’s syndrome in the children born from overweight mothers

Bottom line:
If you are overweight (BMI over about 28 ) and having trouble getting pregnant, try to lose weight. If you have irregular menstrual cycles (anovulation, or irregular ovulation) and you are overweight, weight loss could make your cycle regular - thereby making you more fertile.

If you are obese (BMI of 30 or higher) and need IVF, you might have a significantly improved chance for success if you reduce your weight before going through the procedure.

Hope that helps.
If you have any questions about anything, just ask. :smile:

Wishing you all the luck in the world with your TTC journey, I hope you get your BFP!!


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