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Friday, August 15th 2008, 9:26pm

1st tracking scan


I have my first cycle day 10 scan in 7 days and was wonderign what i can expect really? I know they do an internal scan but what exactly are they looking for? I know this sounds really silly but i dont feel my consultant has been very clear as i get a different answer everytime i ask!

Any help greatly appreciated. Feeling a little scared about all this now. It has been a long time comming but now i am actually on clomid i feel very nervous!! Help lol





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Friday, August 15th 2008, 9:34pm

hi ellie :wave:

they will be looking at your ovaries to see if you have any follicles growing and to see if the clomid is working as it should.
dont worry you will be fine hun xxxxxxxx

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Friday, August 15th 2008, 10:03pm

you will be fine hun it only takes a few mins..hopefully you will have a lovely large folly growing xx

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Friday, August 15th 2008, 10:23pm

Hi Ellie

I am in the same boat as you! This is my first month of clomid and I have my day 12 tracking scan on Tues 19th. I, too, feel really nervous about the whole thing. I was so excited to get started on clomid and now I am terrified that it still won't make me ovulate.

How has it made you feel? I am on 50mg to start with. My head has felt fuzzy for the last three days of taking it and is still dull feeling today (last pill taken on Wed). I'm not sure if this will be a side effect or is it just the weather or maybe being on the computer too much now I have found this fabby site!! I also feel a little tender down around my pelvis. I can't imagine that the clomid has had such an effect so quickly but I don't normally have these niggly little twinges.

I am so hopeful, I have hardly slept for thinking about what this month might bring! I also know that I am probably going to have a great big disappointment too but I can't help it, it's just the usual over-excited me!!

Love to hear how you are getting on and what happens at your scan. I'll keep you posted about what happens at my scan although it might vary from hosp to hosp.

Take care

x W x

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Friday, August 15th 2008, 10:24pm

I was really nervous going for my first one too, but you will be fine chick.

Let us know how you get on!

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