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Sunday, November 11th 2007, 2:28pm


1. Why have we been recommended for IVF/ICSI?
2.i. What drugs will I be on?
a) for down regulation (is that an injection? How often will I do it?)
b) for ovarian stimulation (N.B. this is nearly always an injection!)
c) to trigger the release of eggs
2.ii At what times of day will I have to take these drugs?
2.iii Why have you chosen these drugs for me?
2.iv What happens if I don’t respond to the drugs/over respond?
(N.B. You may want to ask more about the injections at this point e.g. Can you show me how to do it? Can I have a practice? etc.)

3. What happens and when:
a) When do I start my down regulation drugs? (How long will I be on these for?)
b) How long (on average) will I have to wait for my period to start?
c) When will I have a baseline scan/assessment?
d) When will I start stimulating my ovaries?
e) How long after starting stimulation will egg collection be?

4. About the monitoring during stimulation phase of treatment:
a) What monitoring normally takes place during the stimulation phase of the treatment (e.g. blood tests for oestrogen, for progesterone and scans)?
b) How often will I have to come in for monitoring?
c) What will you be looking for (in the monitoring) to decide when egg collection will be?
d) How many eggs will you be expecting at egg collection.

5. About the egg collection:
a) Where do you carry out egg collection?
b) Will I have a general anesthetic or sedation during the procedure?
c) Will my husband be able to come in with me?
d) What pain relief will I need/get after egg collection?
e) How long will I need to be off work following egg collection?

6. About the sperm collection:
a) When will this need to be done?
b) Where do I have to do this?
c) Are there any aids/literature (or should I bring my own?)
d) When should I have my last ejaculation before ‘storing it up’ for the procedure?

7. Is there anything we can do to improve the quality of the eggs or the sperm? (e.g. lifestyle factors or supplements)

8. About the embryo transfer:
a) how many days after egg collection will this be (on average)?
b) How many cells would you expect them to be by then?
c) How many embryos do you expect to transfer?
d) How do you grade the embryos?
e) Under what conditions would you freeze any ‘spare’ embryos?

9. Will I be receiving (or do you recommend) any additional treatment during this cycle of IVF/ICSI (e.g. low dose aspirin, IVIG, heparin etc.)

10. How do you rate our chances of success? (You may wish to be more specific for example asking about egg to embryo ratios)

11. What are the risks (including side-effects) that we need to be aware of?

12. If this treatment doesn’t go to plan:
a) When and for what reasons might you abandon the cycle?
b) When would we be able to try again?
c) What support can we expect/access?

13. What do you estimate the costs as being?

14. When do we start?!



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Sunday, November 11th 2007, 2:49pm

Wow thats about as thorough as you can get Kara! I reckon all us on here could write the most informative guide to fertility treatment in the world. We would make a mint!



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Sunday, November 11th 2007, 2:52pm

Great questions Kara. I am sure alot of people will find them extremely useful.

Feel free to add any on this thread that you may think of ladies.



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Sunday, November 11th 2007, 2:52pm

i have more advance ones too, will go and find them lol



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Sunday, November 11th 2007, 2:59pm

another useful tip, try and email your questions through a couple of days before your appointment, this can be useful after a failed cycle

these are what i asked after my 2nd Fresh ivf with a fet in the middle and 2 early loses

1. How do you think the cycle went?
2. Should I have down regged for longer as period was late?
3. What happened to make the embryos implant and then fail?
4. Can I try clexane and steroids?
5. What are our chances now after 3 transfer and 2 early loses?
6. Can I have a hysteroscopy?
7. Can you suggest the next step?
8. what can be changed?
9. Can I try any other drugs that may be of help?
10. Will you do grow our embryos on to either day 4 or day 5 blastocyst?
11. When will you be doing blastocyst transfer routinely?
12. Have you developed a culture for this stage of development?
13. Have you purchased the correct catheters for blastocyst transfers?
14. Will you be doing assisted hatching and is this an option for us?
15. Is there anything I can do that will help success?
16. Are you doing any trials at the moment?
17. I have heard that taking double amount of vitamin b (folic acid) and vitamin b6 can treat miscarriage is this the case?



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Sunday, November 11th 2007, 3:02pm

here are my question after 2IVF'S( both early losses) and 2 FET

1.Is there anything we can do to help us succeed on our next attempt?

2. Any drugs that may help us succeed? Steriods?

3. Will I taking clexane on our next attempt?

4. I am having acupuncture is this a good thing?

5. Could natural killer cells be an issue for us?

6. Can I have my prescription as my GP is funding this cycle of drugs?

7. Can I start in Jan for ec/et around the second week in Feb?

8. What are our chances of success?

9. If my clipped tube fills with fluid will it be drained?

10. Would my clipped tube cause any problem, can it contract the uterus to expel the embryos?

11. What is best after transfer? Rest or work?

12. Are they any tests we can can to find out why it isn’t working?

Lyndon Embryologist

1. What was the quality of the eggs and the sperm?
2. How were our embryos last fresh cycle?
3. How did they thaw?
4. How do you grade the embryos? Do you use ges?
5. Is blastocyst transfer a good option for us?
6. What day would ec/et fall on if we went for blastocyst transfer?
7. Would someone check on them over the weekend when clinic is closed?
8. How many good quality embryos would we need to go for blastocyst?
9. Would the final choice be made on day 3?
10. Would you freeze any suplus blastocyst?
11. Would assisted hatching be an option?
12. Is assisted hatching done with a laser or acid?
13. Are they any tests we can can to find out why it isn’t working?


1. How much is a full cycle?
2. How much is blastocyst transfer?
3. How much is assisted hatching

good luck and i hope these questions are help you all



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Tuesday, June 3rd 2008, 5:37pm

wow ! so wish id've had these lists when starting icsi #2 ! - thanx kar xxx



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Thursday, July 31st 2008, 12:05pm

Just wanted to say thanks Kar1, I have printed off your list of questions and will be taking them to our first IVF appointment this afternoon :D




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Thursday, July 31st 2008, 12:25pm

good luck and let us know how you get on

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