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Monday, June 23rd 2008, 6:53pm

conflicting sperm analysis reports


TTC 1 year

We have to travel 45 minutes to reach the place where we get the SA done. We were told that nothing happens to the sperm in 45 minutes so we could take the sample at home and bring it.

The first time, we did like this aand the results showed very poor results low motility, morphology and count. The doctor said we will have to get an ICSI done. We asked the doctor if it could be because we brought the sample from home and this 45-50 minutes delay. He said that might effect the motility but not the count and morphology.

The doctor asked us to get the sperm analysis done for a second time - just to confirm. We got it done a second time from the same place . This time my husband retrieved the sample there itself. The results came today and the same doctor says it's normal!! He says this could be because the last time we had not taken it out on the site.(while he said the first time that only motility might be effected beacuse of this transportation delay!!)

What should we believe? Does anyone have any info on the effect of transportation delay on these semen analysis factors?



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Monday, June 23rd 2008, 7:05pm

RE: conflicting sperm analysis reports

Hi Anaamika

Wow that's great news isn't it!

Just today I saw a response from Sperm Scientist to a member saying the following.....


Originally posted by Sperm Scientist

Yes it looks as if the motility is poor, but this result will only be accurate if the test was done within an hour of producing the sample and if the sample has been kept at the correct temperature before testing and if the container you used has been passed for lack of toxicity. If any of these are uncertain, I would advise repeating the test.

You can PM Sperm Scientist by clicking on this link SPERM SCIENTIST or by posting a reply in this thread....

'Life in the Lab' - for all sperm questions!

Sperm analysis are always repeated when the results indicate there are issues with the sperm and of course in your case, by having a repeat test, it has possibly indicated that the journey to the hospital, possibly not being looked at straight away etc, did have an affect. I'm not an expert on the subject but advice is always to do the sample on site and consquently get it looked at straight away.

i would believe the second results but of course, if you want the best out of three, have another SA and hope for similar results to this one just gone.

All the best!


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  • "anaamika" started this thread

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Tuesday, June 24th 2008, 5:04am

Thank you so much duffymoon. I will post the question at the sperm scientist too.



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Tuesday, June 24th 2008, 7:59am

My DH did his test at home and brought it to the clinic.
He had to hold it in his hand while he was driving to keep it at body temp....Bless!!
He drives an automatic BTW. We have not had the results yet, so will be interested to know how the swimmers look !!!!

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