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Wednesday, April 16th 2008, 1:02pm

IUI queries; UK newbie

Hello everyone

I have read a few threads in the IUI discussion & I am sure there are several of you who can help me with some information.

I am a relatively new UK resident; me & DH have come from India. Over the past 1 year, we have had TWO IUIs in India - one resulting in a missed abortion, and the second one (which was Jan this year) didnt lead to any pregnancy. So, I DO have experience with IUIs :(

After coming to the UK we have consulted our GP - ran through a few tests with her for some weeks & now she has referred us to NHS Assisted Conception Unit. We have got our first appointment with the ACU at Queens Mary Hospital, Rohempton - but its several weeks ahead.

Now, I am a little unsure about how NHS works & how much time it takes & whether its better to go for one IUI privately; so have some queries

1. Whats the typical timeframe from the 1st appointment at NHS - ACU to getting started off for IUI? If it again takes several weeks or months - I will look at private options.

2. Which clinics are good for IUI in the London/Surrey region? I have made a small list of mine; plz add/edit/delete [Nuffield Woking, Lister, ARGC, London Women's Clinic]?

3. Any ideas about the typical costs I can expect from such clinics - all inclusive?

4. Do the NHS hospitals (like Queen's Mary Rohempton where I 've been referred) do private treatments as well? Does it reduce the costs by any way if I go to the same place privately where I've been referred - to save time?

Greatly appreciate you looking into this; thanks in advance!


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Wednesday, April 16th 2008, 2:10pm

:bye: Nit,

A huge welcome to :FZ: you have come to the right place, everybody are so friendly and supportive.

I live in Surrey and have been put on the NHS waiting list for IVF this is at Queen Mary's Roehampton. My Gynae specialist suggested as the wait for IVF is so long (1 year wait) we could go private and have up to 6 tries of IUI, the cost we were told was 500 pounds a try. Problem is until I see her again in June I don't know when or where we can get it done, if we decide to go down that route.

Because you are not having IVF on the NHS I don't know how long the waiting list is for IUI on the NHS. We were told that in our PCT on the NHS we are entitled to only 1 try on IVF or 3 tries of IUI. Hence why we went for IVF on NHS and going to pay for up to 6 IUI's privately.

I hope this helps a bit if not Im sure someone with more knowledge will be along soon.

Take care blowkiss



  • "nits" started this thread

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Wednesday, April 16th 2008, 2:16pm

Hi Tracey

Thanks a lot for your reply.

When you said 'the cost we were told would be 500 pounds a try', is this the cost you would pay at Queens Mary if you tried the IUI?

I understand that since you are going for the free IVF; you would not get any free IUIs. But what I am not sure is that do the NHS hospitals in the UK give private treatment for a fee as well?




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Wednesday, April 16th 2008, 2:35pm

Hi ya nit!

Welcome to :FZ: I hope you soon feel very much at home here with us all :D

I am with an NHS hospital, but due to my age we have to pay for treatment, the cost of IUI, where we're having it done, is in the region of £540(ish) give or take a few quid - Thats including all drugs needed in that price.

Good luck with your journey.

When you get a chance have a read over these few threads I'm about to put up for you -

NEWBIES - AN INTRODUCTION - This thread explains the site in more detail.

ABBREVIATIONS - Save you going potty trying to work out what all the short terms are!

SEARCH - Any subject you're wanting to know about, just tap in what you want to know and search will bring up a list of threads ready for you to read over.

And I see you have already found the IUI section :D

Hope all of these links help you out, if not give me a shout!

All the best


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Wednesday, April 16th 2008, 7:49pm


Welcome to FZ.

I've just had my first treatment of IUI and it cost me about £1000 (including drugs). I went to a private clinic as the NHS in our area could not offer me any free treatment.

The trouble with the NHS is each area is different and it's all a bit of a postcode lottery. If you contact the local Primary Care Trust in your area they should be able to confirm what is available to you.

Paying for treatment will always cut down waiting time! Things change dramatically when you are prepared to open your wallet!

Good luck with your journey.


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