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Tuesday, January 1st 2019, 12:32pm

Egg donor abroad. Advise please

My husband (36 yrs old) and I (37 yrs old) have been through 2 failed cycles of private Ivf (icsi). We have both male factor (low sperm count and low motility) and I’m possibly in early stages of menopause with a low AMH (2.4) and high FSh (above 15). NHS have advised donor egg, but we do not want to do this in Northern Ireland as it is a lengthy process and we like the idea of the donor being anonymous. So we are in the process of researching egg donor treatment abroad, most likely Barcelona in Spain. Any advise regarding travel and how to deal with and plan around work committments? I can’t just ask for week off here and there. Thank you in advance

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Thursday, January 3rd 2019, 4:11pm

Hi aloe , you might find a better response to egg donor questions on fertility friend .this forum has got quiet in recent times . There is also a really good and active board on and it has threads on clinics abroad so you may find more information there ...i went for OE treatment in Greece and did find the logistics difficult with time off work etc but with donor I am sure it would be alot different as you can schedule your transfer for a time that suits you and you would only need to be out for a few days max. One thing I will mention is that we went identifiable (in Dublin ) because after alot of research and attending conferences run by donor conceived network we realised that in today's world anonymous might not always be anonymous- DNA kits are becoming so common and it's just something to be aware of . Look up donor conceived network I found it very helpful when considering egg donation. I totally understand why you would go anonymous and it is totally your decision best of luck whatever you decide ps the clinics in Spain seem to be really good that would have been my choice had I not have went with Dublin for the easiness of it (no more annual leave lol)
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Monday, April 29th 2019, 4:04pm

I can't help with Spain, but if you want to know more about Gdansk Poland, pm x

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