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Tuesday, January 8th 2019, 1:02pm

You probably won't want to hear this!

Hi, I was member of this forum 9/10/11 years ago.

I was very lucky as I had a baby boy in the end, however, I feel I need to say what has happened since incase it helps anyone else!

At the time I found out my over active immune system was attacking my babies :( so I took medicines to suppress my immune system. However the problem with that is my body wasn't really baby friendly it was forced and not actually cured.

however I found out very recently WHY my immune system was overactive, it was because the mercury in my silver fillings leaked into my body! (also my methylation system is not great so I couldn't get any toxins out myself)

My son has autism, and I can't help thinking my crappy immune system, the mercury or the drugs I took could have potentially lead to his diagnoses which he really struggles with.

I have been treating this (mercury) and I feel amazing! and it's not that expensive! and soon my body will be naturally 'baby friendly'

So I would strongly advise looking into why you're immune system is flared?

Have you been exposed to mercury or heavy metals? or had any significant illness?

and also, more than anything, I'm sorry, sorry you're going through this, sorry this may be conflicting, sorry if this causes you stress, but I just can't say nothing, just incase [zx076]

[zx075] [zx076]
Found my immune system was flared from mercury leaking from my amalgams

Following Dr Andy Cutlers protocol to get rid of the mercury



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Sunday, January 27th 2019, 6:29pm

I am sorry to know your story. Why didn't you try natural treatment such as acupuncture or mezotherapy treatment to ovaries?

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