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Wednesday, May 16th 2018, 7:59pm

Icsi in Prague


I’m looking advice, we just had our review app after nhs icsi at rfc. They only got 2 eggs so no transfer and the end of our nhs cycle.

I’m thinking of going to Prague, can anyone give me info.
Clinic Recommendations
How many times I will need to fly over, blood tests etc or can they be done here.
Where did you stay.
How long did you stay for.
Total cost inc flights, accommodation and icsi costs
Anything else you think I need to know.
Thanks in advance

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Thursday, May 17th 2018, 8:26am

why prague


sorry to hear you had no luck with your nhs cycle. If you don't mind me asking why are you thinking praque?

I have only ever had treatment in Belfast so cant comment but do know that all in all each cycle I had 3 scans, egg collection and egg transfer so 5 app .... I would imagine you would need a few flights or at least maybe stay over there a few weeks?

Do you know the reason for so few eggs etc? have you considered donor eggs?

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Thursday, May 17th 2018, 9:49am

Curls I bumped an old thread that Seaside had talked about as she went abroad, hope this helps x

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Thursday, May 17th 2018, 1:16pm


I've got plans to cycle at Gennet in Prague. I chose this due to cost and also recommendations on another forum. Obviously I did some research too.

I'm not sure of total cost as not cycling until later in year. They have another clinic in London where we went for some tests. However for monitoring scans I will be getting these done closer to home. I aim to email results to them.

I think you'd be looking at at least a week to stay there. Travel at least the day before EC, then possibility of Day 5 transfer. You can get cheap accommodation if you use AirB&B

hope that helps xx

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Sunday, May 27th 2018, 2:03pm

I would reccomend you to consider Genet, Zlin and Reprogenesis - Czech Rep, Invicta - Poland xx

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Tuesday, July 3rd 2018, 9:25pm

Hi, I know I am a bit late to reply to this.

But we have decided to have our 1st IVF with GYNEM in Prague.

We chose Prague as I remember reading a piece in the Irish News a while back about a lady who had to go to Prague as the NHS here only offered one cycle and the cost for private treatment was so expensive. I then did some research and Prague did seem like a good option.

I had researched Belfast, Dublin and Prague and after paying flights, 2 weeks accommodation and having around £1000 speading money, Prague was still over £2000 cheaper than Dublin. I never really considered Belfast as they only give us a 10% change of success as I am 38 (i didn't think I was that old). Prague is giving us around 30%.

You can get all scans done here and travel to Prague the day before EC and stay to the day after ET. Although you can get all scans for free in the clinic in Prague. We are going for the full 2 weeks to make a holiday from it as well.

When is everybody considering having treatment?
I know it is late but I hope this helps someone.

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Thursday, July 26th 2018, 7:01pm

We are also considering prague....has anyone been recently?
Praga medica were the first to get back to email so was wondering if Anyone has had an experience here?
Still not sure of the practicalities!x