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Friday, May 9th 2014, 10:28am

2nd attempt at IVF

HI all

So I had my first round of ivf in March. Usual gonal F injections etc. 2 excellent embryos were implanted which ended in a chemical pregnancy but failed a few days later. Lots of bleeding and 3 blood tests over 3 days to confirm I had lost everything.

Since then I have had one period pretty much on time, although it was only 2 days long. I met with the consultant yesterday as I am 39 in June and he confirmed I am still eligible for a last round of funding especially as I have 2 embryos sitting in the freezer at IVF Hammersmith. He curiously told me my womb lining was not very thick last time - had never been told this before.

He said to book in for another induction meeting around the time of my next period and then I will start injections again on day 21 of my cycle and enter a period of monitoring at the hospital. He was very quick with the meeting and I didnt get to ask everything I wanted to.

Does anyone know what is involved in a 2nd round when you have embryos in storage and can anyone recommend anything to thicken my womb lining? I don't do really do chemical medication and I already have accupuncture.

Thank you so much


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Friday, May 9th 2014, 11:36am

Hi lazzybeans,

I am sorry for your loss. Hope you recover from it soon.
Before planning for remedies, it is important to understand the cause of thin lining of uterus. Few reasons that can be considered are, infection, scarring from D&C, low oestrogen levels, poor uterine blood flow. If you are looking for natural remedies, think of herbs and supplements that promote blood flow to uterus, supports adequate oestrogen levels and have direct action on uterus.

Acupuncture should help you bring more blood supply to uterus. Red clover, shatavari, ground flax seeds are believed to play an important role in controlling oestrogen levels in body.

Eat blood nourishing and iron rich foods, such as protein. Remember to eat meat lean and organic only. Besides animal protein, other good blood builders include: rice and oats, lentils and other types of beans and legumes, green leafy vegetables, cabbage, celery, mushrooms, and nuts and seeds.
Hope it helps. Good luck.





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Saturday, May 10th 2014, 8:04am

I would speak to your clinic and see what they say. Normally they suggest a healthy diet and lifestyle and to cut caffeine and alcohol. You can also see a qualified nutritionist, who can give you advice specific to your case.

There is no proper scientific evidence that acupuncture or any supplement will help.

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Sunday, May 11th 2014, 8:42pm


Just wanted to ask if you have any funding to do any more fresh cycles as you would still have your frozen ones as back-up. If you have to pay privately at any point a frozen cycle is a lot cheaper.




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Thursday, May 17th 2018, 6:17pm

Hey! Sorry for your loss. I know that's painful. You have to be strong. IVF surely a good way to cure your problem. The success rates are quiet seems to be high. But it does not relate to every person they get success. It depends on the doctors which are treating it. So for me, this is equally you are probably supposed to get emotionally and morally sick. But yes I agree to the terms that. There are so many success stories that surround IVF.ivf is a time taking process. One should be very patient about it. You just have to be emotional, physically strong to observe each stage with great strength.soon you would be able to conceive.would love to hear from you often. looking forward to your next thread.

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