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Wednesday, May 16th 2018, 12:16pm


Hi everyone! really glad to have found a forum to chat to people who are going through the same thing!

So my journey so far: I came off the pill just over a year ago and since then have had very irregular periods (cycles are anything between 40-90 days). I have has one confirmed ovulation and bloods done at the docs any they all came back normal. It appears I do ovulate - just not very often due to long cycles :(

My GP referred me to the rfc just last week - my husband already had a SA done a few weeks ago but no results yet.

MY QUESTIONS IS - when will the rfc receive my referral and when should I expect my initial appointment?

I know so many have been on this journey so much longer than me - but I really havent been coping very well the last few months :( I get so down and frustrated and am constantly looking for ways to boost my fertility. So really, I am just looking for any information you can give me. Am i looking at weeks/months/years before I get to see doc thinks I probably need clomid. Those who have went down this path - how long was it from GP referral until you had your first dose of clomid?

thanks so much for reading, I look forward to any responses :)

Mrs (tryingtolookonthe)brightside


Elle K.


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Tuesday, June 5th 2018, 8:24pm

Hi mrsbrightside89
From my GP appt to first RFC appt it was three months until I got a letter, I know it feels like an age before that letter comes!!
It also took awhile for the SA results to come back, we rang for our results after a month.
Everyones journey is completely different, it's so easy to have complete downers about infertility, it is a weird topic with stigma attached. I have had many nights of tears! I hope that you are able to find good support through your journey.
I haven't been on clomid so I can't help you there sorry!


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