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Tuesday, February 13th 2018, 11:37pm

IVF and low ovarian reserve

We are on the list for IVF (added to list May 2017, due to get letter soon). My initial fertility assessments at RFC showed I have a low ovarian reserve of 3 (the doctor said between 8 and 24 is ideal). She said I would most likely be a poor responder to IVF, but put us on the list regardless. Has anyone with low ovarian reserve done IVF? How did it go? Any success? Any disappointments? (Do you regret giving it a go?) I’d love to hear. How many eggs did you get? Thanks in advance x

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Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 9:41am

I have an amh of 5.3 (on most recent test ).. I have low ovarian reserve for my age (29) and I have had 2 cycles of fresh icsi. Both cycles I produced 6 mature eggs (which was decent amount considering amh level ) but both times we had low fertilisation probably due to egg quality (I have endo) and possibly some male factor issues - so if you are able to produce 6 eggs you should be able to fertilise more than 1 I was just an unlucky case (twice lol)

I don’t regret those cycles at all- I became pregnant 2nd cycle (later miscarried but this can happen to anyone ) I think the only advise I can give you is concentrate on getting quality over quantity - you will see people provide 20 plus eggs that will never be you or me but that doesn’t for a second mean ivf won’t work for us . It’s something you will hear a lot but it really does only take one egg and anymore than that is a bonus . Best of luck on your journey I really hope it goes well for you xx
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Wednesday, February 14th 2018, 4:28pm

Thank you for this information. That should be my new just takes one!

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