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Sunday, May 7th 2017, 12:37pm

What's going on ?.. help!

Hello guys, / girls.

Dr Ramsey - If your male and have issues go see him - read my topic.

Following from this thread me and the wife went through another cycle of paid treatment.
This brings the total to 3 attempts.

1 = BFFN
2 = No transfer.
3 = waiting on results.

On this cycle they collected 11 eggs, 9 of them were good but only 1 developed into a 2 cell embroy.

Egg collection 19 april, embroy transfer 21st.

Since the transfer the wife has had the following symptoms.
Wind, thirst, dizzyness, lower back ache, cramps, twinges, some spotting and brown discharge.

Our test date is today, we tested early in the morning and it came back with another BFFN.

Just now the wife has developed, dark red clumps, and a pinky bleed in the urine.

It's 16 days since the transfer and the clinic advised us to retest two days afterwards.

She's staying, sometimes it feels like period pain other times it's different.
Lower back is hurting, breasts sore, (nipples very hard). Bum cheek's also hurting.

It's. Tough time.. any positives on the above.

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Sunday, May 7th 2017, 9:21pm

Sorry to hear about the BFN. In my experience the symptoms she is experiencing now sound very like AF is on the way.

Hopefully your clinic will carry out a review and you can find a way forwards. X