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Sunday, July 19th 2015, 7:24pm

PCOS, Blocked Tube and Reoccuring Polyps!

Hello :)

As the title of this thread suggests my body is just not for giving me a break. I am nearly 33, been TTC for 2.5 years. I am not going to bore you with all the details but you know the drill of all the tests and procedures you need to go through to tick the box. Anyway I am now in the situation where I have PCOS, blocked tube (due to scar tissue from an operation when I was 8) and reoccurring polyps.

Basically I am about to go through operation number 3 to remove polyps, I have not been able to receive IUI due to the polyps. I am due to start IVF early next year but I will not be able to if the polyp comes back, which is looking likely. Which would mean I either decide that I will repeatedly have surgery to remove them on the hope that it stays away long enough to get treatment (more surgery more scar tissue so not really a viable option) or I decide to not have anymore surgery and therefore receive no treatment.

Anyone else been in this position?!?! :-(