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Tuesday, April 21st 2015, 9:18pm

Anxiety almost 3

Struggling, have tried google but can't seem to find any magic cures so thought I'd ask here for some advice from you lovely ladies.

Ds will be 3 on Monday, since he was very small up until about 6 months ago he used to constantly play with my hair as his comfort, this past week or so out of the blue he has started playing with it again, he's also been lashing out a lot lately at us, his cousin, auntie etc, but then seems to get distressed when someone won't accept his apology instantly I.e if I try and find out the reason why etc before I let him apologise, or if my niece point blank refuses to play with him if he has hit her!! Which don't get me wrong is a good thing as he needs to learn people won't want to play if he hits them, but her actions literally make him sob his little heart out :(
I'm wondering if this is all a growth spurt, he's never been a massive eater but the past week he has been polishing off every meal and then wanting more!!! His sleeping is shockingly bad, like last night 2am shouting mum really loud I got to his room and he goes I did it I slept in my bed all night, then wants to come to our bed, if he doesn't come to our bed he will literally wake every hour on the hour.
He usually such a happy go lucky boy, but I just feel awful if he's feeling really anxious about something yet I have no idea what.

Any similar stories or miracle advice???!!!! ;)
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Tuesday, April 28th 2015, 1:25pm

I come on here for a change and find a post by you & no1 has replied :(

I'm here... haha... It does sound like a development stage though - have you googled if they have one as they're approaching 3?
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