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Thursday, April 2nd 2015, 1:43pm

Is it normal to feel this awful this soon? (First IVF)

Hi all,

I'm currently on Day 3 of stimming with 225iu of Gonal F. I was told to start as soon as my period arrived. Before that, I was on norethisterone for ten or so days.

I feel horrendous. And I don't know if I'm just being a wimp. Physically, I feel I'm already in a lot of pain and I've only had two injections so far, so I'm worried about how much worse it can get. My ovaries hurt. It hurts to walk normally and exercise is out of the question. I have diarrhea but also what feel like constipation (contradictory, I know). My bones ache and everything is sore. I'm using a hot water bottle. Should I be taking paracetamol or not?

Also, the norethisterone I had to take made me dizzy and itchy while I was on it, but also very depressed and tearful. The depression has not lifted yet, and I've been off them a week now. They've turned me into an emotional wreck (I was pretty chilled about the whole thing before I took them). Physically and mentally, I haven't felt this bad in over a decade. And I have a lot of drugs ahead of me, including Cetrerelix which I add to the Gonal F in two days' time. I'm scared! It's too early to have developed OHSS, right?!

  • "Capercaillie" started this thread

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Thursday, April 2nd 2015, 2:06pm

I just rang the clinic, and they sort of implied that I'm being a wimp :thumbup: They reassured me that it definitely can't be OHSS yet, and said that it's 'impossible' that I could feel my ovaries at this stage. I have two balls of pain in my lower abdomen that are my ovaries. Perhaps it's being caused by my endo or something then ?o(

I really thought I had a high pain threshold after living with undiagnosed endo between 12 and 29 years old, but two days of Gonal F and I'm crying like a baby! Woe is me...

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Thursday, April 2nd 2015, 2:28pm

Hey Capercaillie,

Welcome to the forum! I was on the same swimming drug but a different one before you but the consensus among most of us was that it was horrible and no matter what drugs we were on we all suffered from the side effects some of which are the ones you mentioned. Everyone was different but I think what got us through it as it will you was what we could have at the end of it all! Hope this helps and hope you start to feel better. My Dr told me to take some pain killers but it might be different on your drug combo so check with the clinic.
Lots of positivity and love



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Thursday, April 2nd 2015, 6:25pm

Sorry you are feeling so rubbish. IVF is such a gruelling process be it your first, second or tenth cycle. Each cycle is different and we all react so differently.

I'm sorry your clinic weren't more sympathetic too, hopefully your next scan will bring some reassurance and you will feel more yourself soon.

In the meantime join the cycle buddies (if you haven't already). Another thing you could do is start a diary to log all this. Its a great way of meeting other ladies who may not look in the cycle buddies but can offer plenty of support.

Good luck x

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Thursday, April 2nd 2015, 10:47pm

Capercaillie, don't be too hard on yourself and just take the clinics comments with a pinch of salt. I had all sorts of weird pains and twinges going on from being on the norithesterone tablets and when I moved onto stimms it just carried on. Everyone is different on how they react and it's a really stressful time both physically and emotionally. So be kind to yourself and if you need a good cry, go for it. I don't think there's any wrong or right way to feel during this crazy process. Hopefully they will put your mind at ease with your first scan. Make sure you drink plenty of water though.
Pop in and join us on the April and May cycle buddies group. Good luck x
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  • "Capercaillie" started this thread

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Tuesday, April 7th 2015, 3:23pm

Thank you all for the replies, and sorry I wasn't around earlier to appreciate them. I'm on Day 8 now, and things have settled down a lot, thank goodness. My nurse and I discussed it at my scan yesterday, and decided it was probably down a combination of norethisterone periods being more painful generally, and having to put up with that while also withdrawing from the norethisterone *and* adjusting to the Gonal F. It felt really rough, but now the Gonal F feels fine. Actually, last night after taking it I felt positively giddy! The norethisterone knocked me for six and I took a good ten days to recover from the depressive effects of it. I feel pretty happy again now :) The bloat and ovary sensitivity and sore injection area is definitely a thing now, but none of that feels as bad as what I was going through last week. I think I got a bit of a rough wake up call!

Somedaymama - it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one who responded to treatment like this, thanks :)

Curlytails - thanks for the suggestions. I keep a diary on general TTC forum, but it's not ideal, because I'm literally the only person currently going through IVF on the entire forum. I might think about starting a diary here too / instead.

(Smihel - I recognise you from the Aberdeen group! I'll have a look over at the April/May cycle buddies too - thanks :) )

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