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Thursday, September 18th 2014, 11:57am


Hi all
I have seen there is some feedback on UCL and CRGH but all posts are quite old, so I would like to add my recent experience hoping it can help some of you.
I had one IVF cycle and one frozen embryo transfer with UCL (NHS) back in 2012 and 2013, both unsuccessful. While having most of the treatment at UCL, egg collection and embryo transfer were done at the CRGH lab. Both treatments were funded by NHS. Since I used to live in Westminster and they only fund 2 treatments, I had to go private or my last one and decided to stay with CRGH. First of all because our last dear embryo was stored in their lab and we wanted to give it a chance, but also because we were very happy about the care and service we received in the two previous occasions.
I have to say that both me and my husband were very satisfied with everything at UCH and CRGH. Doctors and nurses have been very warm and thorough, at each attempt, very encouraging and ready to go the extra mile to meet all their many many patients' needs and expectations in this delicate journey. I will never forget Yoshanta, a charismatic, energetic, encouraging, always smiling and available nurse at UCH. Nurse Yvona too has been lovely and supportive. Everyone there has always had a very friendly and supportive approach with us, and we fully trusted their opinion and advice. Their response was quick and they called you back within the same day if they could not take your call. The hospital is new and the fertility unit is spotless, clean and comfortable. It's true, it's NHS, so you wait a few weeks to get follow up appointments or to rebook a treatment after a failure, but it's free and they have many patients so we cannot really complain. But once you are in I really think the service and quality of the care is excellent.
The first two times we did not deal a lot with CRGH, we only went in for egg collection and embryo transfer and again we were very happy. Doctors, nurses and embryologists were nice, competent and made all they could to make us feel comfortable.
Third attempt was private and we paid a lot of money, it's true... but hey, we were lucky to get the first two for free, so it's ok. The reason why we spent a lot is also because we wanted to make further tests to try to know why, despite all went smooth and my embryos were top quality, it did not work. So we asked for thrombophilia screen, caryotype, natural killer cells, other tests, hysteroscopy (we wanted it under sedation) and curetage so the bill went up... We were never forced into anything and always received unbiased advice. Doctors, nurses and admin staff have always been great and nice, always apologising in case of delays or waiting times. They have a lot patients... We asked to have a natural cycle, with no medications at all and they said there was no reason not to go this way. And so we did. Only scans and blood tests to monitor ovulation, and embryo transfer on D-Day... Doctor Ozturk was amazing, calm, reassuring, not overly optimistic but definitely encouraging, and answered all our questions, either during appointment or on the phone when I asked to be called back a couple of times. And this time it worked!!! I am now 18 weeks pregnant and forever grateful to UCH and CRGH. It was all worth.
Based on my experience and regardless of the positive outcome, I would definitely recommend both clinics.

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Tuesday, October 7th 2014, 10:05pm


Hello CoquinaHK,

Thank you for your review. I am about to embark on fertility treatment and whilst I am waiting to be put on the waiting at Homerton my husband and I have decided to pay for a private go as we have been trying for three years and I have just turned 39 so we feel we need to go for things now.

I was unsure of which clinic to choose and gave chosen to go to CRGH because of the success rates in my age range. We had a consultation with Mr Ozturk last month and last week I had my scan and blood tests. I am waiting for Mr Ozturk to call me with the next steps. At the consultation he suggested IUI based on my NHS tests but we discussed that we will go for IVF as we want to have a few cycles of any treatment as possible.

We do have some concerns as the clinic seems rather chaotic and patients seem stressed and exasperated. We also were not given the right instructions for the sperm test which meant my husband couldn't have the test last week as planned. The receptionist also told me that appointments are regularly double-booked. So we were concerned and didn't know whether to look at the Zita West clinic which has been recommended by a couple of friends, or the doctor there at least. However, your review has made me feel more positive about our choice to go to CRGH. Thank you - and congratulations on your bump! :-)

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Wednesday, November 26th 2014, 1:56am

Hi Catherinetw,
Sorry for the very late reply!!! How is it going? Which stage are you in the procedure? I sincerely hope all is going the right way and you both feel good.
I am glad my review helped you in some way. What I learnt from my experience is that whoever your doctor is and no matter which clinic you choose, YOU have to be always on top of things, be aware of everything, listen to your body, read a lot, ask questions, double-check, stand up for yourself. It is your body, it is your life.
Don't be a passive patient, but work with the doctors instead. We don't know as much as they do of course, but we have our feelings and instinct and we know when things make sense or not.... I am not saying to play the doctor yourself ;) just to be an active part of the process and to not delegate everything to doctors. Your point of view matters for a lot. Be aware and help yourself. You will also feel stronger, no matter the outcome...
I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart!

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Thursday, December 11th 2014, 11:32pm


Hi Catherine, how is it going? I just started my cycle at CRGH. You really need to be alert, not expect people to know what they are doing. The coordinator forgot to order my meds, send me a schedule to show when to start which drug. Still, so far, medical staff's attitude much better than ARGC.

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